List of 5 Cool Things To Do In Chicago In November

November, a month which is famous for many things like NO SHAVE NOVEMBER and NO SHAVE MUSTACHE. Along with this you see many events like Black friday, ThanksGiving in november only.


Apart from all this if you are living in Chicago then november is the month when you can do many cool things and take part in many events happening in Chicago.

Here are the 6 Cool Things You Can Do In Chicago In November:

  • The Niceties:

If you are a theater or play lover then “The Niceties” will surely amaze you. It is a debate play where a white professor has given her african american student a thesis to write on the topic “Role of Slavery in Americal Revolution”. The play cover all the important topics like feminism, slavery, intersectionality, etc.

Play has been directed by the most famous play director Marti Lyons and the lead cast of play include actors like Ayanna Bria Bakari and Mary Beth Fisher.

  • Ice Skating at Millennium Park:

Ice Skating at Millennium Park

If you haven’t done Ice Skating at Millennium Park even after being there in chicago then you are really missing out the biggest fun of your life. Millennium park is situated in the heart of chicago and is full of many famous points like Crown Fountain, Lurie Garden, Maggie Daley Park, The Bean, etc. As per Navy Pier guide, Chicago is full of cool and fun things and places like millennium park has always been the center of attraction for all.

Ice Skating at Millennium Park is a perfect place for family hangouts, romantic dates, and for ice skating lovers.

No need to worry if you don’t have ice skates. You can rent them from there itself in only $10 or so. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy ice skating today.

  • Shopping in Christkindlmarket:

Shopping in Christkindlmarket

Christkindlmarket is the most famous Christmas Market of Chicago and it has become a tradition now to shop from Christkindlmarket during christmas week. To be honest it is one of the most cool things you can do in chicago in november as the decoration, the fun, the things you will see in Christkindlmarket in november is amazing.

This market is usually set up during mid of november so that people can start their shopping for christmas early. You can buy many things from this market like Ornaments for christmas tree, the market’s most famous mugs, can eat delicious cookies, etc. This market is held from 15th November to 25th December and is usually lit at night only with fancy lights all around giving the market a glamorous look.

  • Donut Festival:

Donut Festival

Donus festival of chicago is a great treat for all donut lovers. This festival is held in Morgan’s on Fulton Street and the best part about this amazing festival is the circular pastries which are prepared by the famous bakeries and donut shops of chicago like Roeser’s Bakery, Gurnee Donuts House, Over the Top Bakery and many more. So if you are in chicago in november then you should never miss this donut festival.

  • Zoolights at the Lincoln Park Zoo:

Zoolights at the Lincoln Park Zoo gives you sight which every person of chicago should see once in his lifetime.

The whole zoo is covered with multi-colored lights including the trees, sculptures, statues, central path and pavilion. There are many things you can do at Lincoln Park Zoo like, Ice Skating, Visiting a Santa, Watching people making live ice sculptures, and if you are one of those 1000 people who have entered the zoo then you even receive a special glass with the help of which you can see the minor changes in the lights and its effects.

So what are you waiting for?

Bookmark this article and start visiting these cool places in chicago to make your november a happy, fun-filled and memorable november.

If you think we missed some of the other cool things to do in chicago in november then do let us know in the comment section.

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