Can General and Cosmetic Dentists Replace a Missing Tooth?

When you lose a tooth, you will obviously be upset. Whether it’s because of tooth deterioration, injury, or oral disease, you will have a conspicuous gap. If you have several healthy teeth, it is vital to get the tooth replaced at North Scottsdale Dentistry to avoid other issues. There are several benefits of tooth replacement.

Also, it is worth noting that there are various dental fields. The most popular dentists are general and cosmetic dentists. When you need to get your teeth checked or need to get rid of cavities, you will have to see a general dentist. General dentists are highly skilled in offering essential and preventive treatments.

Patients looking to improve their teeth because of how they look will be required to schedule a consultation with a professional cosmetic dentist. They are highly trained in offering procedures that will make your teeth stronger and whiter. However, general and cosmetic dentists can handle the essential dental treatments that are straightforward.

But first, it is essential to know the causes of tooth loss and its benefits.

Understanding the Causes of Tooth Loss

Several situations might bring about tooth loss. It could be you’ve suffered a face injury, and a tooth has been knocked out. Tooth decay may force you to remove a tooth. Tooth loss can also be caused by gum disease.

Once the tooth has been removed, it isn’t necessary to go for a tooth replacement procedure. But there are several reasons why you need to think about tooth replacement. Tooth replacement will assist you in preventing several severe oral problems. Visiting the right dentist can give you peace of mind knowing that you will get your tooth replaced without hassles.

Importance of Tooth Replacement

Apart from how it looks, you might think it’s okay to have a gap in your mouth. But having that gap can lead to you dealing with several severe oral issues in the long term.

If you don’t replace your tooth, here is what can happen:

  • Another tooth loss
  • Chewing can be challenging
  • Uneven bite
  • Speech problems
  • There will be more pressure on other teeth
  • Lead to shifting of nearby teeth
  • Lead to loss of jaw bone near the gap

Even though tooth replacement can take too much of your energy and time, it will be worthwhile because you will prevent additional oral problems. A professional dentist will offer the correct procedure and help you maintain your dental health.

What You Should When You Have a Missing Tooth

There are some options when it comes to tooth replacement. They include dentures, implants, crowns, and bridges. Even though each procedure will have its pros and cons, it’s recommended that you get dental implants.

Dental implants are fantastic when it comes to tooth replacement since they:

  • Are permanent
  • Are simple to keep them clean
  • Appear and feel natural
  • Protect the jaw bone from deteriorating
  • Won’t shift or get knocked out easily

Dental implants are excellent when you’re looking to fill a gap in your mouth. This is because once they are installed, the implants will look natural. It’s as if you never had a gap.

Is it Possible for General and Cosmetic Dentists to Replace a Missing Tooth?

Several general dentists will offer referrals to patients who are looking to get dental implants for tooth replacement. But there are mostly cosmetic and a few general dentists who can replace a missing tooth using dental bridges.

Do General and Cosmetic Dentists Offer Examinations and Teeth Cleaning Procedures?

Cosmetic dentists have undergone similar training that a general dentist has experienced, but they will have learned different skills. When you seek teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist, you need to have your teeth cleaned for the treatment to yield the desired results. Decayed teeth will need treatment, and visiting an experienced cosmetic dentist for the proper procedure will give you peace of mind. You must speak to your dentist before the procedure to understand the importance of the treatment.

Will General and Cosmetic Dentists Offer a Similar Treatment at Different Prices?

There is a chance that you will see various prices from different dentists. General and cosmetic dentists are no exception. Since they will handle similar procedures, you must know the price before you undergo the treatment. Both cosmetic and general dentists are highly skilled in solving cavity problems. With cosmetic dentists, they will be focused on giving their patients beautiful smiles. You can count on them to use composite fillings. Composite fillings are expensive so expect the procedure to have a higher price.

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