18 Best PSP Games You Should Definitely Play In 2022 (Don’t Miss)

TL;DR – If you are looking for the best psp games to play in 2022 then this article will give you a list of 19 best psp games of 2022.

If you are a gamer then you would definitely be knowing about PlayStation Portable or what it is commonly known as PSP. Well, there are many psp games out there in the market but being a gamer you deifnitely wants to play the best among all, right?

Sony’s PSP is one of the top portable gaming systems on the market. With visuals on pace with some of its current consoles, multimedia features, and a library of titles that has established its position in PlayStation’s storied history, the playstation portable was one of the most impressive handhelds ever manufactured.

Some of the most memorable moments in portable gaming on the PSP were occasionally missed but never forgotten.

After the PS3 and PS4, the PSP was rendered obsolete. Many people still desire to play PSP games since they are portable and straightforward. There are several PSP games that you will enjoy playing on both your PSP and your PC.

We suggest giving it a try if you still have a Sony PSP and wish to play the finest PSP games all of the time, or if you haven’t yet. So, today, we will take a journey down memory lane and look at the PSP’s top games.

Please look at our list of the best psp games to play!

1. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

There are few games on handhelds that seem as post-apocalyptic as this one and blend Greek mythology seamlessly. In this combination battle-action-adventure game, you’ll be in charge of Kratos and the Blades of Athena, defeating minotaurs, gorgons, harpies, and more.

This hack-and-slash game also has some challenging riddles that you must solve to proceed through the stages.

The bosses are massive, the breathtaking environments and the gameplay is unrivaled. The God of Death may overpower Kratos and prevent him from obtaining the Arms of Sparta and Thera’s Bane, but it is up to you whether you can do it. As a history buff who enjoys both bloodshed and button-mashing action, Ghost Of Sparta belongs in your PSP disc collection.

2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

You might not be knowing but final fantasy tactics is one of the best psp games of all time. The war of the lions final fantasy tactics is a tactical rpg i.e., a roleplaying game which was developed by Square Enix specially for PlayStation Portable.

Final fantasy tactics was the 2nd game of Ivalice Alliance series. The previous game of this series was Final fantasy XII: revenant wings and the game which came just after final fantasy tactics was final fantasy tactics A2.

3. Secret Agent Clank

In the following title on our list of the top psp games, James Bond meets Inspector Gadget, and it’s yet another game in which a member of a renowned team goes solo! Every aspect of the R&C world is included, including all of your favorite features and gameplay. Even though it is a spin-off, it is jam-packed with familiar people you will see during the game.

Put another way, Clank has taken over from Ratchet as the primary playable character and is free to go on his journey. Clank’s tuxedo has a variety of hidden devices that he may utilize on his journey, and rhythmic sequences in which the player must punch a succession of buttons to slip past foes will challenge even the most seasoned gamers.

4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker isn’t simply another portable offshoot of a well-known franchise. The quality of this game’s production, features, and storyline make it a fitting successor to the Metal Gear Solid series. The narrative of Big Boss’ attempt to derail the “Peace Walker” nuclear project is full of enthralling drama and memorable character interactions.

The gameplay makes significant changes to the series’ tactical espionage action paradigm, which would later be developed upon in the highly praised Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is one of the most important installments in the Metal Gear Solid series, and it might have been a cash-in for Kojima. Instead, it is considered one of the series’ pinnacle moments.

5. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Sony has a tremendous number of classic titles to its credit. Another one of Sony’s exclusive hits is Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is the duo’s first step into mobile gaming. The PlayStation 2’s highly styled environment and distinctive characters propelled the series to fame. Thankfully, this portable Ratchet & Clank has all the charming elements of the console game.

Ratchet & Clank still manages to seem new, despite the game’s many revisions by the game managers. A lack of difficulty is a typical flaw in story-driven single-player games. Happily, the player is invited to continue the quest at a considerably higher difficulty level after the game is completed. If you’ve already mastered Size Matters, Challenge Mode is for you.

6. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Although Birth by Sleep might have easily been a simple cash-in, it wasn’t the right decision to transform it into a portable version of Kingdom Hearts. On the contrary, Square created one of the series’ most essential games, fleshing out the bizarre world’s history and narrative with the same care and ambition as earlier entries in the series, such as the epic Kingdom Hearts 2.

It was the closest thing to a third complete game that everyone imagined we’d receive before Kingdom Hearts 3 was unveiled for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game’s Control Deck & D-Link combat mechanisms assist in keeping the journey going with rapid, fluid, and surprisingly complex opponent engagements. However, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus are confusing changes from Sora.

7. TEKKEN: Dark Resurrection

This time around, you’ll be able to battle against pals in ad-hoc multiplayer modes, as well as personalize your favorite characters with extra things. This portable console brings the brilliance of TEKKEN to life, offering one of the most accurate visuals ever seen on a portable platform in the process. On 19 levels, a slew of destructible items serves to amp up the action.

As you go through the game, you’ll be rewarded with ending videos for each of your characters. Use your battle money to personalize your characters — there are almost twice as many stuff as in TEKKEN 5. Using the PSP’s Wi-Fi connection, you may duel your pals – pit your unique character against theirs. Mini-games allow a break from the action-packed battling for extra fun with pals.

8. Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra is colorful chaos, and screenshots don’t do it justice. However, if you put in the time to learn the ropes and get your mind (and eyes) around the explosive action, Every Extend Extra will leave you in awe. The objective is straightforward: bomb a ship to kick off a chain reaction and continue doing so until each primary monster has been defeated in turn.

Every level combines twitch gameplay and puzzle-solving, with players learning how to detonate wisely and when to risk all for power-ups as they go. Furthermore, each level has unique opponents, sceneries, and music written by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines), ensuring that Every Extend Extra is a game that constantly has something fresh to offer its players.

9. Lumines 2

Whereas the first Lumines wowed viewers with its unique combination of rhythm and strategy, the sequel enlisted the help of big-name performers like Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliott. This simple-yet-difficult puzzle game resembles Tetris at first appearance, but it has so much more. Colorful blocks drop in four-block boxes in randomized patterns, keeping the board uncluttered.

Swirling bars move from left to right in time with various musical tracks at different speeds in the game’s music synchronization mode. The rhythm affects the pace of the bar, which defines how quickly you must make your squares to keep the board clear. Because the original game is set up linearly, you have to finish tracks to access the following track.

10. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

So you want to steal vehicles, kill bad men and be a gangster while relaxing on your couch at home? Taking a bus, a park, or an aircraft to do all of the above? That’s what! Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories increases all of the greatest parts of the original console edition in ways that shouldn’t be physically feasible for such a remote and technologically restricted system as the PSP.

Vice City Stories is the eighth grand theft auto game and the final to include notable voices. It’s a must-have for nostalgic gamers with a vice-like grasp on the past. Vice City Stories demonstrates the PSP’s capabilities and is a game-engineering achievement for a tiny portable device. This game is a lot of fun to play, and I’m happy to put it on our list of the top PSP games.

11. Daxter

Since they are a Sony exclusive, Jak and Daxter games have always been eagerly anticipated. The first game to be published on a portable system was this spinoff starring Daxter. Daxter embarks on a search for his long-lost friend Jak. To celebrate the game’s popularity, Sony would include it in their PSP best hits collection. For a handheld version of the series, the visuals are excellent.

The ease of use of the controls is a typical complaint about portable games. It is particularly true when a brand transitions from a home console to a mobile device. There are no concerns with control mechanics, which is fortunate. They seem to be quite receptive. Climbing and crawling over narrow openings may be done with ease. It’s fantastic that players can see the surroundings so well since it’s extremely lovely.

12. N+

N+, a simple platformer featuring the world’s most frail ninja, was first released on Xbox Live Arcade before being ported to the Nintendo DS and PSP. In each level, players are given a clear objective: to go from the beginning to the end while collecting gold. With a gray backdrop and basic geometric platforms, the presentation’s aesthetics are in keeping with the minimalism of the content.

N+ encourages players to pay strict attention to their pace to develop enough momentum to accomplish leaps, as well as manage the distance they fall since crashing from too high a height can break your ninja into pieces. The psp version included the option to share developed maps with other players and a variety of multiplayer modes, including Tag and Domination.

13. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky 

Among video games, few worlds are as rich in narrative and history as in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and few experiences can compare. Even though the series has expanded to include various nations and casts of people, the story of Estelle and Joshua’s quest to establish their worth as Bracers remains one of the series’ most moving moments.

However, despite its lack of strength, the PSP still could take the user to locations that were both thought-provoking and audacious. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky results from creative individuals working together to bring an adventure to life on both a small and large scale. It’s one of the finest JRPGs of the past decade, and it’s also my favorite psp game.

14. The Sims 2

The PSP version of The Sims 2 isn’t exactly what you’d expect. With The Sims 2, you’ll be tasked with completing missions and following a plot, unlike in previous Sims games. Mysterious mysteries and secrets of Strangetown await your Sim in the wake of a vehicle breakdown in Strangetown. However, it’s up to your Sim to unravel them all while keeping your sanity in check!

Even though typical Sims functions such as creating your avatar, wooing the local villagers, and customizing neighborhoods are still available, this Sims game is considerably more of an adventure than previous editions in the series. The Sims 2 for PSP is an unappreciated treasure if you want a Sims experience with more direction. It may not be for people who prefer the freedom of older Sims games.

15. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This game was designed specifically for the PSP and this is why the game’s overall quality is quite high be it in graphics or sound. Everything is perfectly tuned for the PSP, from the visuals to the controls. Graphically, the game is stunning. The final fantasy vii remake is much more advanced in graphics and controls.

It is a classic action role-playing game and it doesn’t change too far from the core mechanics of the Final Fantasy series.

Thanks to the game’s real-time fighting game system, players may destroy adversaries in various ways—military group SOLDIER’s missing member Zach quests for him, revealing the organization’s secrets. There will be no two battles that are the same, which adds a lot of variation to the game. The soundtrack is fantastic, combining final fantasy vii nostalgia with current music.

16. Metal Gear Acid

After all these years, Metal Gear Acid’s unique blend of stealth & card-based gameplay hasn’t been reproduced, even in a post-Hearthstone and post-Slay the Spire world. Cards have complete power over everything in this turn-based strategy game. Are you interested in relocating? That will need a card. Do you want to use your weapon now? That will require a card.

With the right strategy and subtlety in the mix, you can create a deck that works well for your task before you ever begin the quest. Acid presents an entertainingly wacky tale while challenging players to sneak through the same locales series fans have grown to know and love, even if the mechanics deviate from Metal Gear Solid’s bread-and-butter stealth-action gameplay.

17. NFS: Most Wanted 5-1-0

The racing game Most Wanted 5-1-0 is well-made. There is a wealth of information available. The narrative mode is fantastic, and the aim is to become Rockport’s most sought street racer, as the title says. You may also have a lot of fun playing online with the PSP. The web experience is excellent for a handheld device. For a futuristic racing game on a small screen, the controls are straightforward.

There are some connection difficulties in the broad scheme of things, but these are minor ones. The main features of this game are the aesthetics and the range of cars. It’s a lot of fun to go over the list of high-end vehicles and exotic streetcars. The customizing choices in Most Wanted are fantastic. As you continue in the game, your automobile will improve performance and appearance.

18. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

A tower defense lover will like PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, the second game’s PSP version of the PixelJunk series. The basic purpose of the game is to block the enemy’s approach to your base by constructing towers in the style of most tower defense games. Multiple little animals on the ground symbolize ‘lives,’ and you will lose if you wipe out all of the creatures on the ground.

The game has 36 different levels with three different degrees of difficulty and three bonus stages that provide the player with new skills. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe differs from previous tower defense games in that you play as a playable character that gathers money and constructs towers. A second player may be added if you’re finding it challenging to keep up with the onslaught of enemies.

19. Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer is up there with the finest when it comes to racing games. Drift through bends and scream into the sunset while racing across 24 tracks from the Ridge Racer series. Seriously, the PSP accomplishes things with this game that a bit of platform shouldn’t be able to achieve. The visuals are fantastic, and even on a tiny screen, famous tunes like Crimonsonrock Pass look amazing!

The DS version of this game is essential for those who are tired of reliving Mario Kart 7. It’s impossible to get bored playing Ridge Racer because of its Time Attack modes and WiFi play for up to eight people. You can’t deny that having nitrous at your disposal immediately improves any game. Dreams are composed of drifting around bends while driving at breakneck speeds.

To Sum It Up

It doesn’t matter if the PSP was phased out many years ago; its influence is still felt. Thanks to its incredible features and games, it was one of the greatest portable consoles available. As said above, these are must-have games, so if you haven’t played them yet, you should pick them up by giving them a try. Even if you don’t have a PSP, you can still enjoy these games on your computer or Android device.

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