Why Is It Important To Clean Your Gaming Console & How To Do It?

If you are person who loves to do gaming then this article is for you only.

Have You Ever Thought About How Dirty Your Gaming Console Can Be?

No right!!!

Well, by the end of this article you will be completely shocked by knowing that the console you are using on daily basis to do your online and offline gaming is full of bacteria and many other harmful viruses.

Now you will say that you are sitting in a closed AC room where no dirt can reach. Well to be honest, dirt is everywhere and the amount of time you spend with your gaming console is eventually making it dirtier.


Food particles, dust in the air molecules, invisible germs from your sweaty hands, etc can make your console very dirty. Which is why it is highly important to clean your gaming console on regular basis or else it can even affect your health.

Do All Gaming Consoles Gets Dirty?

Our answer in single word is YES.

Almost every available gaming console gets dirty if used continuously for a long duration of time.

Yes, even the gaming consoles of reputed companies like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo are not safe.

What Happens When A Gaming Console Gets Dirty?

According to research from Betway Casino, dirt particles, fungus, and other harmful bacteria can not only make your console look dirty but can even hamper with its functioning, delayed response time, the joystick sometimes stops working and performance.

In the research done by Betway it is even proven that an average gaming console has 3 times more germs and bacteria on it than a toilet seat.

Bacteria on gaming console
Image Credit: Betway

Consoles of companies like Xbox, PS4 or even Nintendo have been seen getting torn or having performance issues if used too much without giving proper breaks for cooling down. The main reason behind this wear and tear is obviously DIRT.

Whenever a console is overheated is leads to expansion of the device a bit which gives easy access to dirt particles to get inside your console and start hampering the performance of your console. The dirt molecules damage the inner system of your gaming console which in turn impacts on its long-lasting capacity and effectiveness.

No matter how many times you wash your hands before and after playing the dirt will still be there. So, to make your console last for a long period of time you should start cleaning it specially the joystick area and the buttons area.


How to do that?

How To Clean Your Gaming Console?

There are many ways by which you can clean your console and the first one is daily light cleaning.

1. Cleaning Your Console Daily

This is the easiest and the most effective way to clean your console and increase its life span. Take a piece of cloth or purchase a soft duster and start cleaning your console with it in a gentle manner. Clean from each and every corner and make sure that while cleaning you are moving your joystick and every button so that dirt particles are cleaned from every corner and edge.

2. Covering Your Console With A Console Skin

Covering your console with a skin is another way of keeping it away from dirt and at the same time your console will look cooler as there are many types of console skins available in the market. These skins are not expensive and if you can afford a PlayStation or Xbox then you can definitely afford to have a console skin too.

3. Using Shiner or Spray To Clean The Console

There are tons of shiners and sprays available which claims to clean the dirt off from your console and other electronic devices but beware. Always buy a bleach-free and plastic friendly cleaning spray for your console or else you can end up in damaging the inner circuit of your console in just a single spray.

4. Use Wipes To Clean

You can even use anti-bacterial wipes to clean all sort of dirt and bacteria from your console in an easy manner. But, be gentle as wiping your console too hard can damage your console. So just a gentle wipe and its done.


So now you know how dirty your gaming console are and why it is important to clean them on regular basis. Cleaning them will surely going to increase their performance and their life duration too.

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