Best Places to Propose A Girl in Delhi

It’s not an ease to win your lady love in Delhi as they are known for their unique style and Delhi has been filled with such places where you could propose a girl.


But the mind gets stuck when you think about the girl of your dreams, it’s not as easy as to send flowers to Delhi and a card asking her out you need to get there.


Because now a day, sending flowers to Delhi is very easy than any other task due to online florist in the Capital of India.




Here we are assisting you out with some of the perfect places and ways to win the heart of your Honey Boo.


  •  Walking down Connaught Place:

The place is quiet and keeps privacy for you both, it is one of the architectural marvels of the city. The best way to propose a girl here is by being yourself.


Yes! You need to be yourself just carry some flowers and say what’s on your mind that’s it the girl would accept you the way you are.


The proposal could be simple and sweet prepare a few lines and just speak your heart out.


  • The garden of Five Senses:

Another perfect place of Delhi for a perfect proposal, the place is exactly what you are looking for your budding romance, you can prepare a song for her and some pink roses will be a cherry on the top.


Stop her in middle of your conversation get back few steps Sing some of the most romantic lines like “I wanna grow old with you, I can’t wait for you to be my wife and my heartbeat forever”.


Don’t worry about your voice all she needs is your feelings, not the voice so cheers up and prepare your lines.


What’s better than deer and swans, lush green within the serenity, this place in Delhi carries something very romantic within itself.


The place has some of the most magnificent rooftop cafes like Amour where you can take your lady love and make her feel special, get some of her most favourites songs played.


Hold her hands and ask her out as your eyes start meeting at the beautiful ambience.


  • Chandani Chowk:

Now, this is something completely diverse from the silent places and private dates but asking your girl out would be fun at Chandani chowk as nothing is better than exploring the market with your loved one and speak out the feelings that you have been hiding and take her heart away in the hustle and bustle of the market. (If your girl is foodie then it will be a heaven for you to date ask her out here).


  • Ice Lounge, Saket:

A completely different place to propose, the chilling temperatures here are enough to warm out the heart of her on a date.


Try an old way with the most modern architecture here, every girl loves a guy who is valiant, get some flowers and bend down on your knees and ask her out it will definitely be a sure shot for you to be a winner.


  • Worlds of wonder, Noida:

If your women is the adventurous person this place will be quirky to ask her hand, send her a sudden text making a plan to meet and gently take her to for a drive to Worlds of Wonder.


You can ask her at the long lazy river or mildly spinning around on the Merry Go round, this will be a proposal she won’t forget ever.


  • Delhi Metro:

It surely needs guts to ask her out in the crowd filled Delhi metro but just think it will be a perfect one after the chaos of the whole day asking her out in the beautiful evening like a brave man in the crowd, it’s not as simple as to send flowers to Delhi girl but one thing that girls love a guy who is brave enough to ask her in front of everyone.

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