Best Nail Polish Brands to Buy Online In India 2021

Nail polish spruce up your look, from a basic way to groom, to a blown art tool.

There are many new nail art techniques have come to arise. Nowadays, there are so many new types of nail polish finish are also available in the market. With so many textures, patterns and colours, it can make hard for you to choose the right one.

You might be confused about matte and other different types of nail polish. Nowadays, many online shopping sites are also available, on which you can do nail polish online shopping for yourself.

Now, for your knowledge, we have made a list of different kinds of nail polish finishes. So that you can read it carefully and can choose the right one.

1. Matte Nail Finish

Matte Nail Finish

This gives you a classic look. It does not have any excess shine and looks plain and dull, which looks pleasant to your eyes. The main advantage of matte finish nail polish is that it does not gloss and therefore it can be worn on formal occasions. It can go with any type of outfits. It does not lose its texture so easily like other nail polishes, therefore enables you to have beautiful nails for a long time.

2. Sheer Finish Nail Polish

Sheer nail polish is for those women, who want to be simple and natural. It usually comes in nude shades or pink shades. Transparent nail polish retains the natural colour of the nails. Being natural, they can be used for any occasion.

3. Pearl Finish Nails

This gives your nails a soft and classy finish. It just looks like a pearl in its lustre. Pearl’s nails are the best choice for a wedding or pastel outfit. Its most common colour is light pink, as it resembles pearls. These nail polishes are easy to apply. However, you have to take good care of it, as it is more prone to wear and tear.

4. Metallic Finish Nails

As it is clear from the name, metallic nail polish gives you lustre, just like metals. They are bold and bright and are becoming popular for occasions such as night parties and clubs. It comes under various shades such as bronze, copper, gold, silver, etc.

5. Glitter Finish Nails

The glitter finish in nails is all about shine. It is preferred for the occasions when you have to showcase some shine and glow. You can choose golden, silver shades and even you can mix many colours to create a glittery rainbow.

6. Crème Finish Nails

These are the one, you usually use. Crème nail polish is the simplest one. It is easy to use. It comes under different solid colours such as pink, yellow, blue or even fluorescent to add drama to your nails. You can also go for dull colours. Take a look at this article from Coteshop to see more colors.

There are many more types of nail polish, which are available in the market such as Flaky, Textured, etc. MyGlamm brand is one of the famous brands, offering different types of best quality nail polishes. It has many collections such as Manish Malhotra collection, Lit collection, Play collection and many more.

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