What’s The Best Concealed Carry Holster? 5 Top Choices

If you own a firearm and have a concealed firearm permit, you will need a concealed carry holster to carry your weapon outside your home and to or from the shooting range. Carry holsters provide you with a safety protocol for weapon carrying. You can attach the holster to the belt on your pants with a clip.

A holster allows you quick access to your gun should you need to defend yourself from an assailant. A concealed carry holster hides your weapon by tucking it under your shirt. Tulster is an American manufacturer of concealed carry holsters.

Since 2014, when ‘The Profile’ was produced, Tulster has undergone rapid growth and expansion. Some of the industry’s best holsters come from Tulster.

We have put together a few of the best-concealed carry holsters from our diverse range. In this article, we’ll be narrowing it down to the top choices.

The criteria for this list will include: carry position, the material used, ease of adjustability, and comfort of the holster.

1. Inside The Waistband Holster

Concealed carry is easiest with the waistband holster. This is mainly because the adjustable belt provides more cover. An IWB holster is a standard industry default, especially due to the ease with which you can conceal the weapon. Most people appreciate the functionality and comfort.

At Tulster, the Waistband Profile Holster is a no-nonsense, no-frills concealed carry holster. It includes a black matte edge finish and bare-bones construction that provide a snug fit allowing maximum discretion for a concealed weapon.

You can feel comfortable in this holster since it is designed to fit securely with room to maneuver. You can dial in a perfect fit for your body and waist, provided you are using the necessary tools. Good examples of the Inside the Waistband Holsters include:

  • The Tulster Profile Holster.
  • Tulster Oath.

These Inside the Waist Band holsters are tuckable, allowing your firearm and holster to hide underneath your clothing. Minimal footprint and matte-edge complete this sleek product.

2. Pocket Holster

Some enthusiasts prefer a smaller gun for backup. For example, you could carry a concealed weapon in a pocket holster. Carrying a snub-type gun without a holster in your pocket is both ill-advised and shows a lack of experience. We advise putting your weapon in a pocket holster. Put the holster into your pocket, and you are ready to go. Some of the features of a good pocket holster are:

  • Added convenience.
  • Ease to carry.
  • Simplicity.

A few things to consider for Pocket Conceal carry include:

  • Spacious pockets to allow safe retention of the gun in the holster.
  • The right size and type of pants with concealed pockets.

3. Appendix Carry Holster

Lightweight, thin, compact, and with a no-nonsense package, the appendix carry offers some of the best options in concealed Carry Holsters. Some appendix carry designs come with a laser light option as an add-on to the standard model. The holster is appended between the waist button and the front pocket, giving you easy access.

Most experienced armed citizens prefer appendix holsters because of the fast draw time. This discreet holster is intentionally modern to promote fast reaction when faced with danger.

4. Outside The Waist Band Holster

The secret to the outside waistband holster for concealment is a belt close to the body. It should be snug, making it discreet and ultra-strong, which allows for adjustable ride height, making it easy to wear with a draped shirt. The advantage of this holster is the comfort it allows the user in comparison to the rest. You will experience almost a perfect draw as the carry positions are numerous uncompromising comfort and functionality.

5. Shoulder Carry Holsters

Shoulder Holsters are exceptionally comfortable for long periods of time. If you are considering long journeys, the holster accommodates good positioning as they are looped and positioned under the arm. The biggest flex for the shoulder holster is its ability to allow any time of gun use without limitations.

A shoulder holster allows more space for gun accessories and ammunition as long as the user does a good job of concealment with a jacket. The shoulder holster is a good choice for every user that is considering safety, quality, and personal environment.

The basics of concealed carry require the right holster to maintain security, concealment, ease of access, and comfort for the user. Choose the right holster by considering what you need most in your weapon. At Tulster, we aim to provide you with the best products and ensure your safety comes first.

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