6 Businesses That You Can Start With Little Capital

The World Economic Forum predicts that in 2020, five million jobs will have been lost worldwide due to artificial intelligence, robots and other factors related to the replacement of human labor by technology. More than three hundred experts, consulted by researchers from Oxford and Yale, have also given their opinion on the destruction of employment due to the growing intelligence of the machines: they estimate that automata will be able to do any job in 120 years.

Others point to the new business models of the collaborative economy, such as those of Uber or home delivery companies, as the cause of the loss of jobs and their uncountable. But the data are not yet conclusive and vanish in omens and cabals. Some labor economists point to other possible explanations for the decline in employment that is confirmed, which has occurred, approximately, since the beginning of the century. They relate it, for example, to the global financial crisis and other macroeconomic effects.

In case there were not enough factors in an equation that is complicated at times, a group of economists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University add another variable: that of the superstar companies, as they have baptized to a handful of companies, generally of technological base, that dominate the world economic panorama.


There always have been, but the increase in their number seems to have started about 30 years ago, MIT researcher John Michael Van Reenen, one of the proponents of this theory and co-author of the study, told HojaDeRouter.com. pick up Surely the names of the firms sound like you: Van Reenens list of corporate celebrities and his colleagues include both the experienced Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple and the relatively new Airbnb, Tesla and Uber.

Not all the undertakings suppose a high initial investment. Large companies have started in a simple way, the only thing they needed to set up was a good idea. Meet 6 businesses that can open the doors to the business world without having to borrow money:

How to get the most out of these business ideas and micro-ventures.

Hello entrepreneur friend, you will find in this section interesting business ideas and micro-enterprises of all kinds, some oriented to work from home, to telecommuting, or related to new technologies such as the Internet, others with handicrafts and crafts, with nature or the countryside.

Making money with your own business is a true adventure that will fill you with satisfaction. It is worth a try!

Some ideas may seem more or less original or interesting, everything will depend on the country where you live, if you are from a big city, a small town or rural areas, but the main objective is to take each idea and do the exercise of incorporating them a potent dose of imagination and creativity.

Choose the ones you like the most and take some time to think about how you could improve them and create a new, attractive and profitable venture from them.

1) Sell products on Ebay or Amazon

Product announcements on Ebay or Amazon reach a large number of people, and these platforms are secure and offer all kinds of products. Sell ​​what you love most to people from all over the world. You can do it by creating a blog too. Whatever the blog is about lifestyle, gardening or an ecommerce store. It would be a tech blog also!

2) Start a store on the Internet

Electronic commerce is a sector of great growth and that increasingly attracts more users. Take advantage of the consumer trend and place an online store. The products that are sold the most online are clothes, and the original products that you can hardly get in a conventional store. With a small amount of money, you can make the brand known in a short time.

3) Prepare healthy meals for employees

Workers often get bored of eating the same foods and the same places. It offers tasty and healthy alternatives. With a small investment, you can start your business of distributing meals to offices and make a name for yourself in the industry.

4) Take care or walk pet

Many owners do not have time to walk their pets, nor do they want to leave them alone. A good alternative to start is taking care of pets or walking. These types of companies are increasingly popular and generate interesting income.

5) Trade the design material and business cards

If you have knowledge in design, you can start a business selling advertising materials and business cards. It is a fairly simple task that you can perform from your computer and allows you to become known in professional and business circles and create your personal brand.

6) Perform massages

It is estimated that 30% of European workers suffer from stress and that excess stress is linked to cardiovascular problems, so everyone needs to release that tension in a healthy way. What better than massages for it? The massage centers have a high degree of reception and you do not necessarily need to have a store, but you can offer home visits.

You will be surprised with what you can achieve. For this we invite you to think or reflect the ideas, including out without fear beyond the limits of what is already known, break with the pre-established, with what exists, with what should be so, encourage yourself to create things that do not exist , in which nobody thought. Its not that hard, try it.

If you manage to develop a good business idea, you may think the following:

  • If my idea did not occur to more experts than me, it is because it should not work.
  • If it worked, someone would have thought of it.
  • If the world worked like this, we would still ride in chariots pulled by horses, or we would still think that the earth is flat, or that it is the center of the universe and everything revolves around it.

Go ahead to carry out your excellent idea and persevere until reaching its realization if you are convinced that it will work.

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