4 Major Benefits of Interior 3D visualization Presentations

Interior 3D visualization is an ideal way for architects and interior designers to convey their ideas to potential clients.


The great thing about 3D rendering is that it is much easier to understand compared to architectural drawings and designs.


No sketch, mood board or drawing is capable of delivering the level of detail and precision the way 3D visualization can and so it is incredibly impactful.


Interestingly, there are some other reasons…

Why an interior designer will want to go the route of an interior 3D visualization


as we’ll look at below….


  • It Showcases What the Interior Designer is Capable of Achieving

Interior 3D visualization

Many interior designers are hired to redo the living room or some other social area.


It can be hard for the designer to communicate what ideas they have for the space regarding furniture, color, layout, etc., via a series of drawings.


An interior 3D modeling or render of how the living room will potentially look with all the recommended furnishings in place gives the homeowner or even a hotel manager a good idea of what to expect.


It also invites feedback for those concerned so for instance; they may not like the color scheme or think that the prints don’t look right.


All of that can be changed and agreed upon before starting the project.



  • It Makes Quantifying Things Easy

Quantifying Things Easy

When an interior designer tells a client that they want a 100-inch 4K television to the right of the doorway which will then be faced with four comfortable chairs, how does it look?


What’s to say that six comfortable chairs will be more convenient or a 50-inch television will look better?


As an interior designer, an interior 3D visualization tells the prospective client why a certain size, quantity or any other measurement was chosen.


Also, if they don’t agree things can always be changed in the design until they like the outcome.



  • Helps Iron Out Design Kinks

Interior Designer

All interior designers know that designs are not necessarily perfect. A design needs to be honed but to hone it, there needs to be a visual representation of the idea.


Interior 3D visualization provides that required visual representation that designers can then use to fine-tune their ideas before presenting it to potential clients.


It will also help them prepare for possible questions about various design choices which make their presentation a lot more effective.


What’s more is the fact that it allows for designers to even present two or three different interior design concepts and then clients can choose which one is the best to finalize.


  • Excellent Portfolios

An interior designer needs a portfolio which shows off their best work.


However, since most ordinary people can’t understand architectural drawings or make much out of sketches 3D visualization is a great option.


Interior 3D visualization helps to show off a designer’s work on their website or even when bidding on projects.


Potential clients can see what they are capable of and then decide to work with them accordingly. So, interior designers with 3D renders stand a better chance of getting more work.

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