Mini Militia Cheats/Tricks and Winning Hacks

Mini Militia is trending now. If you don’t know about this game then download this game today. Also, if you want to try something interesting then do get the mini militia mega mod. We now want to share you some interesting stuff of Mini Militia.

This time we are here to provide you some Mini Militia Cheats. These tips and tricks will help you in improving your gaming skill. After reading this article you can score more and easily win the mini militia matches.

In the other articles, we also have mentioned some of the mini militia cheats. But here I’m going to cover all that tips and tricks and will add a few more.

We specially collected this ultimate Mini Militia guide from different sources and my own personal experience. These cheats, tips, tricks are beneficial for newbie players as well as for pro players.

Before telling you the mini militia tricks I want to clear one thing that it’s all about your practice and presence of mind. We just can tell you the way how to win mini militia game easily. After that, it’s all upon you how you use that tips and tricks.

Mini Militia Cheats & Tips To Win Every Game –

Followings are the Mini Militia Tricks and Tips that you need to follow to play like a pro.

  • Reload gun whenever possible – Always try to make your gun fully loaded. This will help you to have a strong defense. So it will be a good step if you reload your guns whenever possible. When there is no one around just reload your weapons.


  • Use Effective Combination – You can pick only two guns at the same time. You have to use an effective combination of these two guns. For me, Sniper and Shotgun is an effective combination. If you have not sniper then go for the rocket launcher. Explore the combination that works for you and let us know in comments section.

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  • Zoom – By zooming the map you can easily see your opponents and can make a strategy to take them down. For better zoom, you can use 7x zoom mod. If you don’t want to use any mod for zoom then here I have an effective trick for you. Go to settings > configure > and activate the 2x option. This will let you have a wider view of the map.


  • Use Melee – Punch your opponent with melee attack whenever you are near to him. Shoot bullets with one hand and punch with other. This will lead more chances to let the opponent down easily.


  • Adjust Buttons – If you are not friendly with the default placement of buttons then simply go to the settings and change their location as you want. Always adjust buttons according to your need.


  • Make sure your nitro pack is full – Before flying from one place to another always make sure that your nitro pack is full. For the unlimited nitro pack, you can also use the modded version.


  • Be safe with bombs – Always run in the opposite direction of the bomb thrown. And if you are near to the bomb/grenade thrown then simply sit down. This will reduce the effect of grenade on you.

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  • Punch in the air while flying – At the time you are flying from one place to another always punch in the air in the same direction you are flying. This will increase your flying/moving speed. And you can easily reach another place without losing extra nitro.


  • Hide behind the bush – If you find any bush in the map then simply hide behind it. And when you see your opponent coming in that direction then fire bullets or throw grenades at him.


  • Take advantage of opponents weakness – If two opponents are fighting then simply go there and throw grande on them. In this way let the both of them down and enjoy double points.


  • Use sensor bombs – Make use of sensor bombs/grenades smartly. Put them in the place you reborn. It will kill your opponent when they will reborn at that place.

Best Weapon Combination

best weapon

Close Range – Shot Gun

Medium Range – AK47 and M4

Long Range – Sniper Rifle, Saw Cutter, and Rifle

Final Words –

Finally, we have mentioned all necessary mini militia cheats in this article. Now it’s upon you how you use them. I’ll say read all these tricks use them an also explore new one with your experience. And share those new tips and tricks with us.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and other newbie players. If you have any question then feel free to ask in the comments section. And if you have some other good tips for mini militia then let us know we’ll add them too in our article.

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