How To Prevent Adware From Entering in your PC

If you are constantly seeing pop up ads on your computer screen and getting redirected to other websites automatically then your computer is definitely infected by an Adware.




Adware can be prevented easily from entering in your computer.


Given below are the best tips and ways on how to Prevent Adware.

Safe Browsing

  • Always use a browser which you think gives the best online real time protection.
  • Change your default browser from Internet Explorer to some other like Google Chrome to keep the browsing more secure and fast.
  • Never download from any third party website just because it is offering you the software in free. These website contains virus as the file which you have just downloaded from these websites is always bundled with some malware or adware which can infect your computer in many ways once you install the software.
  • Always check that your default search engine is Google or bing or yahoo search as many virus will change your default homepage to some other website just to get monetary benefits.
  • Always check the reviews of the software you want to download on google and see what people are discussing more about. If people are discussing on how to remove this particular software then there are high chances of that software not being safe.
  • Always read the terms and conditions. Don’t just click on the NEXT button without reading the description.
  • Avoid downloading from sites where you are seeing too many pop up ads.



  • Change the default settings of your system so that it shows the files extension every time you download something on your PC.
  • Never click on suspicious or anonymous emails having suspected URLs and Links.
  • If you are downloading a .txt, .dox. Or .pdf file from email and it is getting downloaded as .txt.exe then beware as this is a virus as no text or document file can be downloaded with a .exe extension at its end. .EXE is for execution which is required in setup and installation files.
  • Open only those email attachments where you know who the sender is.
  • There are many people across the globe sending Spam message and Emails.


Always Use Anti Adware or Anti Malware Tools

  • Using Anti Adware and Anti Malware software/tools can easily help you to prevent all types of malware and other adware from entering and infecting your system.
  • Try to get the paid version in the best price or else if you are going for the free version then read the EULA and terms and conditions carefully.


Increase Your Knowledge:

  • Get detailed information on how viruses spread on your system via internet.
  • Keep up to date information about all the internet viruses and other Hoax.
  • Learn the basic knowledge about how to prevent a virus from entering in your PC and if infected then how to stop its services.
  • Learn how to keep a password more secure and strong.

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