Catalonia Independence – Catalans Declare Independence From Spain

It is to be “seven days of choices” says Catalan government counselor Jordi Turull. However, it is additionally without a doubt to be one of open political clash in Catalonia – before the week’s over maybe an exceptionally physical one.

On Saturday in Madrid, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy reported the inconvenience of Article 155 of the constitution, which under his terms will strip the locale of all measure of self-sufficiency. The terms of institution of the article, to be affirmed by the Senate this Friday could include: affidavit of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, the sacking of the Catalan bureau and all clergymen and senior departmental authorities, stripping the Catalan parliament of its forces, calling early races “at the earliest opportunity” as per Rajoy and inside a half year at most extreme, alongside the Spanish state accepting control of the Catalan police, open telecom media and web foundation.

Such terms have been marked as “outside the law” and the best assault on the common and vote based privileges of Catalan individuals since the Franco autocracy by expert freedom political reporters and left wing parties.

Catalonia Flag

In light of the declaration, administering gatherings of the locale have called a parliamentary session to start on Thursday to talk about their reaction to the burden of Article 155 the next day, which is sure given the decision Spanish Tory party has a lion’s share in the Senate, and, expectedly, to lift the ‘suspension’ on the one-sided announcement of indepence for Catalonia.

‘Republic now’

In Barcelona on Saturday, a few hours after the declaration from Madrid, no under 450,000 individuals filled the lanes around the focal Passeig de Gracia avenue for a mass dissent against the imprisoning of two pioneers of mass common ace freedom associations the ANC and Ominum Cultural, the “Jordis” (Sànchez and Cuixart), on charges of ‘dissidence’ – or rather to help compose such mass ace autonomy arouses and encourage the choice.

The size of the turnout and the enthusiasm of the state of mind can just have been upgraded by Madrid’s declaration, and vast quantities of individuals held splendid red notices bearing a particular new logo: “Republic NOW!” (República ARA!).

Catalonia Freedom

The bulletins and going with web-based social networking blast appear to have been propelled by the CUP radical left autonomy party and grassroots crusade, which has been and keeps on being one of the main impetuses in achieving the quickness of freedom as opposed to the strategic moderacy of the anti-extremist government authority.

Be that as it may, the trademark was additionally delivered by vast standards from the many nearby Referendum Defense Committees at first shaped to ensure surveying stations and voting stations, yet which have proceeded as developing group congregations. In Lleida, the 6th biggest town in Catalonia, such a pennant drove a walk of a huge number on a similar night.

The require a quick presentation of autonomy was critically signed up in these standards and in protestors’ serenades with the more extensive requests of the exhibits “for our rights and opportunities”, where the environment in the roads was tremendously changed since the stun and premonition of the mass vigil (250,000) on the Tuesday preceeding in Barcelona in light of the underlying detainment of the ‘Jordis’.

To be sure, the criticalness of the interest for ‘Republic now’ and the more unsettled state of mind in the city was without a doubt presented to some extent by an eagerness and practically lose hope among numerous, especially self-arranging communtiy gatherings and radical independentists, with the aversion and traditionalist approach of the Catalan government administration. The last conflictedly proclaimed freedom on Tuesday tenth October just to promptly suspend this, with offers of ‘discourse’ and ‘intervention’ with a Spanish state which has rejected such tenders over numerous months.

Catalonia is not spain

As individuals have heard the dangers of more noteworthy constraint proceed from Madrid, people group gatherings have proceeded, and conclusive activity from the Catalan government has appeared to be needing, there has built up a wide acknowledgment – even inside the more wary wing of the autonomy development, for example, the Assemblea Nacional Catalana and the ‘Republican Left’ – that the current political circumstance comes down to a decision between guarding law based “rights and opportunities” by pronouncing freedom quickly, or looking with a similar imminency encourage restraint and finish law based disappointment on account of the Spanish state.


The radical CUP’s call for ‘Republic NOW!’ has looked to progress on this spreading notion of finish enmity to the Spanish state by coordinating the expression to the motto “Bread, Shelter, Work” (Pa, Sostre, Treballo) in its exposure. This gestures towards the Spanish government’s starkness plan of slices to local subsidizing, and its takeover of the funds of the provincial government, which the last has guaranteed has abandoned it unfit to accommodate probably the most defenseless in the public eye.

Similarly, addressing numerous in Barcelona, with freedom more inescapable and grassroots group arranging swelling, the possibility of a potential post-autonomy financial change in the public eye is one which has come increasingly to the fore, in echoes of the Scottish freedom crusade.

The current part of the exchange unions in the vital general strike against restraint on October third (started by a couple of radical unions) that floated the development ahead, fortified this feeling of a class battle here in the contention with the Spanish state. It included dockers that declined to serve ships conveying Spanish national police and similar firefighters who were significantly complimented for shielding surveying stations with their bodies upon the arrival of the choice.

What’s more, the mass activation of the Catalan average workers having conveyed the development to this point, it now finds the destiny of Catalonia at its feet.

Of the general population

Regardless of whether the Catalan government chooses at long last to completely proclaim freedom this week, the inconvenience of Article 155 will strip it of all forces in the Spanish state’s eyes, and the Madrid government is encouraging the Catalan individuals to act as needs be.

Catalonia Liberty

On the off chance that the previous does not make the assertion it hazards the dampening and retirement of the freedom development for a long time to come, and a move towards critical interior strife.

On account of a one-sided announcement, the central Spanish prosecutor has said on Monday that he would arrange quick capture of the Catalan President on charges of “disobedience” (up to 30 years detainment).

In either case the authenticity, specialist and for sure presence of the Catalan government and open rests with the will and activity of the general population.

Coordinators in the Referendum Defense Committee for the town of Mataro have said “Those that made the choice conceivable make the republic and the constituent procedure conceivable.” The guarantee from the left of a more participatory just process through freedom fhas been an engaging one.

It is the situation however that from Friday, when Article 155 is relied upon to pass, just the general population will make even a territorial government conceivable. As much has been said by Catalan government serve Raül Romeva and one of the administering gathering’s leader Lluís Corominas, who have approached a large number of voters to defy orders from Madrid.

It appears to be significantly less likely that group congregations and open hirelings will protect a local government which won’t in certainty institute for the submission result.

Given the predicament of a non-affirmation position for President Puigdemont and his legislature, a freedom to be brought through by the Catalan individuals themselves appears their lone truly reasonable political alternative, in the event that one of more noteworthy individual hazard.

What’s more, this implies an autonomy to be helped through against the powers of the Spanish state. Against a paramilitary national police drive, despite a progressing flight of significant banks and organizations and with the resistance of all other worldwide states and establishments – especially the EU, whose Commission has been approaching in its help for Article 155 and Spanish state restraint.

Catalonia no independence without disobedience

Who will guard, in physical and hierarchical terms, the Catalan government, open foundations and agents and the provincial open media?

A large number of the Guardia Civil national police attend to remain by for directions to move in, in the water crafts docked at Barcelona harbor or close-by.

Aggressor preparation

A current online networking image, in a maybe not so much genuine resound of Lenin’s well known call of the April theories to encourage a specialists’ unrest in 1917 Russia, delineated a pamphleteer bearing the motto “All energy to the Referendum Defense Committees” (it was ‘to the Soviets’ – the law based laborers’ gatherings in Russia).

Some ‘Safeguard Committees’, including new ones, in regions, for example, Masnou, Casc Antic and Poblenou, have just renamed themselves barrier advisory groups “of the Republic” (no more extended ‘of the submission’).

In any case, who if not these congregations, joined with radical exchanges unionists – the dockers and firefighters and others, and with the activists of the CUP party, may arrange this safeguard?

Catalonia Not in Spain

While activating millions to the roads, the mass common society associations the Assemblea Nacional de Catalonia and Omnium Cultural have been mindful so as to accentuate the requirement for exchange and maintaining a strategic distance from open encounter with the Spanish state. They are probably not going to take any intiative of this kind, however in the event that not formal hierarchical help then at any rate bolster from their systems of activists ought to be locked in.

Catalunya en Comú, the left discretionary stage bolstered by Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Barcelona en Comú, has reliably contradicted indepence (however not the choice) and still prescribes against a one-sided revelation regardless of unequivocally restricting the execution of Article 155. Obviously a few activists here might likewise be drawn into different activities on genius law based grounds. The Catalan sister-party (PSC) of the anti-extremist Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) has so far taken after the national lead, fervently contradicting autonomy in union with the overseeing Spanish Tory gathering and supporting Article 155, however a large number of its territorial chairmen are currently questioning this.

The places of these discretionary gatherings hope to demonstrate both unappealing and untenable as Article 155 is executed, and the concentration of association for the safeguard of autonomy and Catalan self-government focuses just a single route: towards the CDR congregations, towards the radical left, towards the mass and activist assembly of the average workers specifically facing the specialist of the Spanish country state. The bulletins of such demonstrators in Lleida on Saturday read, “Without insubordination there is no autonomy.”

Catalonia Parliament

Standing up to the overthrow

With Friday set to see the Spanish government force a draconian self-sufficiency stripping variant of Article 155 on Catalonia’s open insitutions and government, and the last anticipated that would react by proclaiming freedom, grassroots battles and unions in the locale are assembling, solidifying positions and preparing themselves for a battle. The paramilitary Guardia Civil national police stand holding up in the port of Barcelona, yet the strategies of the Spanish state in wresting control are yet to be seen, especially given the harming political blowback of the choice day rough police attacks.

Monday saw the primary Catalan secondary teachers union USTEC-STEs approach the ‘instructive group’ to “oppose the requests of a [Spanish] express that, in view of the lessons of reality, can never again be viewed as majority rule”, marking Article 155 a “legitimate reason to actualize a fascism” and declaring an assembly for Wednesday October 25 at 1800 hours, before the town corridors of the shire capitals, “open to all general public and all associations”.

Around the same time, the Catalan Journalists Union (SPC) declared it “drastically and completely” rejected the arranged Spanish state intercession in Catalonia’s open media and will “give full help to the media specialists of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation in the showings of dismissal that will without a doubt happen.” at night a large number of laborers at the Catalan TV organize (TV3) held a mass gathering to talk about how to react to Madrid’s declaration that it will seize control of the system. The Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumption (FeSMC) of the Catalan General Workers’ union has communicated its solidarity and support for them.

Catalonia Victory

The understudy ‘Universitats per la República’ crusade has reported a strike day for Thursday, having been an activist and effective driver of the choice and autonomy battle since its dispatch this Spring.

A week ago an informal community “to expand and advance quiet and peaceful common protection” named ‘En peu de pau!’ (On a serene balance!) was been propelled, with 35,000 adherents as of now on Twitter and increasing provincial TV scope, asserting to draw on the strategies of firefighters, dockers and ranch specialists so far in the choice crusade.

Submission/Republic Defense Committees are arranging gatherings consistently and some have welcomed ‘En peu de pau!’ to put on protection workshops to the several members.

Every one of these powers and some all the more, including the counter entrepreneur independece CUP party, must consolidate to oppose the ‘rebellion’ – as it has been broadly brought in Catalonia – from the Spanish state upon the Catalan government. The last should call this common laborers to the boulevards to protect against the mediations of the paramilitary national police and additionally depend on the radical left inside these parts of the development to prepare as it is best put to do as such: from a place of tenacious and principled resistance to the entrepreneur Spanish state, with a social vision fixated on the strengthening of conventional individuals to take more noteworthy control of society.

The position of the provincial Mossos d’Esquadra police constrain, which presently can’t seem to help ‘possessing’ Spanish state police, could be essential. They formally go under Spanish state control with the inconvenience of 155, yet have said they will proceed to “assurance of security and administration to individuals in Catalonia” and their unions have impugned the article. Remaining against the national police would mean a genuine acceleration of savagery, and joining with them unquestionably the finish of the territorial government, unless confronting extraordinary mainstream restriction.

Flag of catalonia

So the Mossos should clearly be squeezed firmly upon by the well known development, which may similarly call upon firefighters, dockers and others to compose, militate and advance into the ‘bleeding edge’.

Majority rule government being referred to

This aside, if a Catalan Republic, or in reality self-governing area, is to survive and Spanish state constraint and assaults are to be best restricted, universal solidarity will be fundamental.

Plainly this does not originate from the country states or organizations of the European Union; it implies solidarity mobilisations and crusades in any event broad, against our own national government’s threatening positions and those of the universal budgetary and business establishments which are now arranged against the likelihood of a radical majority rule break with the moderate province of Spain.

Furthermore, as remote issues serve Raul Romeva called attention to this week, the Catalan difficulty brings up considerably all the more entering issues: “In what capacity can the European Union live with this circumstance? By what method can the EU majority rule governments survive and how might they be sound on the off chance that they enable this to happen?”

Freedom for catalonia

We can take motivation from the mass gatherings and showings in Catalonia, and we should bolster their protection from a constraint which won’t end in Spain. Governments crosswise over Europe, including our own, that authorize against law based measures on their people groups – from assaults on laborers rights, to obliteration of open administrations, privatization and supremacist division – should be separated by these radical mobilisations from underneath.

This Saturday in London: Europe, The Left and The Fight Against Neoliberalism, the second session at Storming the Heavens: The Russian Revolution 100 Years On.

Ona Curto Graupera the facilitator of the Catalan genius freedom CUP Party will talk in the session and giving a direct record of what’s going on the ground in Catalonia and the positions and prospects of the Left.

Independent Catalonia

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