7 Conventional Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business

The internet has become more competitive day by day; it is difficult now to rank non-local keywords with a simple strategy.

To get more traffic, to earn more revenue, one has to be on the top of the search ranking, and it is the constant battle between the internet marketers.

The one who got more knowledge how the rank brain and Google Algorithms work, will be on the top of the search results.

You know the key component of any small business marketing strategy is to gain the effective positions of its brand in Search engines.

There are simple and easy to follow rules, a small business owner should follow to boost the visibility of search results.

If one is hunting for instant positions and instant results, they should hire some expertise on Facebook. That is the only source which can provide you instant results to boost your business in no time.

If you do want to rank higher and want to get traffic mostly from local searches, you should follow these 7 tips. Stick in here does not rush around and read the entire post.

Update your business information and contacts

Do rank higher on local searches, and to get instant results, you need to gain the trusts of the users.

If you had updated the website with proper Email Address and Phone number, the local buyer can instantly contact you via these sources. And there should be a team to handle these users effectively to make that user into loyal customers. It will be ideal to put your contact information in the header of your business website.

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Must use local keywords to target local areas:

If you had been focusing international keywords, (what does that mean by international keywords?) you had been making a big mistake.

For example, you own a shoe store, and you want buyers to visit the online store.

And the keyword that you are ranking ” Best shoes store” or ” best leather Italian shoes” you are hitting the international visitors to come to visit the stores not local buyers or visitors.

If you had created a store in California, and you want the people resident of this City, visit your store online and offline. You should use Keyword ” Best Italian male shoes in California”.

That will be the ideal if a buyer wants to buy shoe he can search on Google and can find the store near to him. Can easily find your stores or at least can make a call at the numbers what you have given on to your business website.

Register the domain current business address:

Some SEO experts say Google uses the address that a business website is registered to rank that website in local searches. So, it will be ideal to register your website’s domain using the business address. The location of your business on the map “centroid” is one more relevancy to rank on that location.

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Use the Online directories smartly:

One of the most important factors to rank your business in local searches is to submit your business website in online directories.

There is no reason not to submit the website in the online directory, must use the Google places and Bing local places. I must say, this would be the first step towards getting local traffic to get listed in the local directories. Most of the users who want to visit a business, try to find that on local searches, if you are on the Google Places in online directories, this will increase your business’ trust level.

Getting listed in the online directories is not a big problem, you need to have a physical business or physical appearance, you should be doing a legal business and you should have an identity of that business. Also use DA checker tool, to confirm domain and page authority of the directory. Because high authority directories are very effective as compare to low DA/PA directories. Simply submit the website, verify your presence and get listed in the local directories.


Proper Link strategy:

Links from your website to the other business website got the key role to rank in Local Searches. This thing will establish the authenticity and the credibility of your website.

  • Share your content on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others
  • Put your website’s link in email newsletters
  • Sponsor events to increase your visibility in the neighborhood of your business.
  • Make it sure what you are linking, or where from you are getting links are relevant to your business
  • Run online campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords, if possible.



Do not give walk away to your competitors

Most of the business what I had seen try to rank website only on Google, and it is one of the biggest mistakes they do.

It is like giving the space to the competitors, not submitting the website to other search engines. When you aim to get traffic from local searches, should focus on local search engines as well. Or at least search what is the search engine used by that specific location or region to use the internet. Check SEO of your website and your competitor’s website regularly.

Encourage and respond to the reviews:

Either you believe it or not, what reviews you get online or offline from users, which is the reality of your business.

I must say, online reviews are the biggest source to grow your business.

Encourage your customers to leave rating and reviews of your business, and get to know if they are satisfied. Do not be freaky when someone post some bad thing about your business, have a deep breath and respond to them with nice words.

If it is possible, try to provide customers with a variety of the list where they could put reviews, and then use them wisely across local sites.

  • If the post is positive, thank the customers for their feedback and appreciate their feedback.
  • If the post is negative, appreciate them, and ask them to get in touch with you and try to solve the problems mentioned by that user.

Get your website ready for mobile users:

People nowadays use a smartphone to search on Google and to find a store nearby to have some shopping. So, your website should be ready for the mobile users, the designs and the navigations should be clean and simple.

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