Wifi Extender Setup: Installation and Configuration

Installation and configuration of Wifi Extender Setup is quite a normal issue faced by everyone. But the question arises how to get rid of such problems.


When we buy something new, we get excited and when that thing does not work, our joy turns into sorrow. In such situation, we actually need a guidance that would help us in getting through these problems because at that moment, we are completely helpless.


You will probably be wondering that


How to troubleshoot such problems on my own?


It seems like things are getting out of our hand. In anger or frustration, we fear that we are ruining the things that are in proper condition or are in a good manner.


Such situations often visit at everybody house.


But patience is the only solution to fight against such problems.


What else you can do: make installation easy

  • Unboxed your range extender and plug it into an electrical socket with a good power supply and place it within the range of your existing wireless router (Do not exceed the limit of 15 feet). Once you configured it successfully, you can move your device to its intended location, but do no cross the limit.
  • Keep the antennas of your router in a straight vertical position (Do not hide it). Also keep in mind that if you hide your router, you will never configure your range extender with it. Router throws the live Internet connection that will make the setup of your Net gear Range Extender easy.
  • Now, grab your PC or laptop. Open a web browser and in the address bar, type mywifiext. This step will directly take you to the home page of Net gear Genie that will make installation of your range extender with all your wired and wireless devices easier.
  • You just have to fill in the default login details and click on all the positive responses until or unless it asks you to click finish to complete the setup.


Go for WPS method:

If you are tired of troubleshooting against the above-given process and you got nothing, walk through the steps below:

  • During the process of configuration, it might happen that your devices get over heated. Shut down and unplug all your devices, wait for a short while until all of them cool down and after that, plug and restart them again.
  • Once you have plugged in your device, you will see four solid green lights on your range extender. If not, press and hold the WPS button that is located at the back of your device for 30 seconds. Once done, release it.
  • You have to apply the same process on your router but in the gap of two minutes.
  • After this process, now you are able to see the LEDs. If not, push the On/Off button on both the devices simultaneously, wait for two minutes and push the power button again.


What are you looking for? Want to know something more

If you are not satisfied with our views shared by you or if you found that the above given process does not work for you, don’t worry, this is not the end.


Share your queries via the comments section below. We will get back to you soon.

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