4 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Dog Mentally and Physically Happy

We don’t know where we would be without our dogs. They are loyal and caring companions that stick by us through all of the important moments of our lives. It is natural then that we want to show them some love in return. Of course, we carry out basic tasks to look after our dogs. We feed them, shelter them, and clean up after them.

It’s nice to find additional ways to show them affection. A nice long walk and a pat on the hand are just the beginning. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what would improve the quality of life for your furry friend and find a way to make that happen?

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The main barrier is that we think like humans, which can mean that what is important to us, might not benefit our dogs in the same way. Help is at hand!

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Here Are 4 Ways You Can Keep Your Pal Happy:

1. Some Freedom

Give freedom to your dog

Dogs appreciate some time feeling like they can go where they want to. This is more than a walk on a leash. Dogs can really benefit from being able to safely explore and make decisions for themselves.

It is possible to maintain the balance of a domesticated animal that can indulge in its wild roots. That sense of open space and the ability to go anywhere can excite your pet and make it feel happy. Paws Playgrounds recommends a “cage-free environment” for your animal, which “ensures that your pup has plenty of space to lounge and sleep without feeling confined.”

2. Nose Work

Give nose work to dogs

This might not be a term you are familiar with, but it could have a big impact on the happiness of your dog. This technique works with the natural instincts of your pooch. By giving them time to indulge in their canine traits, then they will feel more like a dog and happier as a result.

Nose work with your fluffy friend allows them to track and trace a scent. Basically, you’re letting them follow their nose! A dog’s sense of smell is one of their main ways of exploring their world.  You can help your canine be happier by taking them out to explore and letting them spend some time picking up on a particular smell and following their nose wherever it takes them.

3. Mentally and Physically Engaged

Dogs aren’t completely different from humans. They need to stay active, have entertainment, and something to engage their minds to keep them happy.  What counts as entertainment for a human isn’t necessarily going to be fun and engaging for a dog.

It can be particularly challenging to keep your dog entertained if they spend long periods inside. However,  there are toys, treats,  and games that you can introduce so that your pet is mentally and physically active. One of the most important aspects of this method is setting aside some time and energy to play with them.

4. Comfort

Make your dogs comfortable

Helping to keep your dog comfortable is one of the best ways to keep them happy.  The good news is there are lots of ways to make a dog comfortable. Grooming is a key element of comfort for a dog, so keeping a regular appointment to have their nails clipped and their fur trimmed will be a successful route to happiness.

Another way to ensure that your dog is feeling at ease is through contact and massage. Learn how they like to be stroked and petted and reward them with a doggy massage and some extra attention.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t hard to keep your dog happy. You just need a bit of time, energy, and to think like a dog. You can show them your affection and appreciation, and they’ll be better natured because of it.

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