How to Encourage People to Subscribe to E-mail Marketing

You’ve built your brand and you’ve backed it all up with great content. But to see real growth in your online business you need to make sure that content is being seen. Utilizing e-mail marketing could give you:

  •      The edge on reaching audiences that are already engaged
  •      An increase in social media followers to five digit figures
  •      A place in an industry that generates $29 billion retail sales annually

E-mail marketing is not only effective and low cost but it’s one of the best ways for your online brand to keep customers informed and stay connected.

Not only is e-mail thought to be almost 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined but 91 percent of US adults have said they like to receive promotional e-mails from companies they do business with, so you can be sure that your marketing strategy is reaching a receptive audience.

E-mail marketing can be used to drive traffic both to your website AND your social media channels.

Perhaps the most important, and most difficult, starting point to your e-mail marketing campaign is encouraging people to subscribe.

Collecting viable and credible e-mail addresses might be a challenge but there are some ways you can ensure success.

#1 Drive subscribers from social media

Use your social media accounts to encourage people to sign up for your e-mails. Effective social media marketing used in cohesion with e-mail marketing will guarantee success for your brand.

Make sure that you business has a Facebook page and use this to collect e-mails. Allow your followers to subscribe to newsletters via Facebook by signing up directly or via a landing page.

#2 Utilize pop-ups

If someone is reading your blog, the chances are that they have an interest in your brand and your content. Make the most of this by encouraging visitors to subscribe to e-mails via a pop-up.

Yes, they can be annoying but there’s a reason that they are so popular. Make sure you use the right placement and use an opitmized pop-up builder Really sell it to your audiences and be sure to make it seem as though you are offering something valuable. Use words like ‘free’ or ‘exclusive’ and you will encourage more people to sign up.

Adding a personal touch to your pop-up is also an efficient way to foster a positive response from your target audience. Address your audience directly and really think about what your e-mails will be able to offer them.

#3 Make things easy

Make sure that it is as easy as possible for subscribers to give you their e-mail address.

If you skip asking for a name and ask only for an e-mail address you will grow your e-mail list significantly faster.

The fewer steps involved in the process, the less time your prospective subscriber has to lose interest, so make sure that there are minimal clicks involved.

#4 Offer incentives

One great way to capture e-mail addresses is to offer a freemium. This is just a free service that can be exchanged for data capture. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you might offer visitors a free PDF containing workouts in exchange for data capture.

You could also offer a subscribers-only incentive. This could give e-mail subscribers regular access to special content including resources, coupons and product or service discounts. Alternatively, you could just give first-time subscribers a special gift.

#5 E-mail your contacts  

Use the power of e-mail to generate an e-mailing list. Get in touch with as many people as possible via e-mail address.

Invite contacts to visit your blog and even add a link to your signature so that there is always the option for those that you are e-mailing to follow the link.

Include a call-to-action to really drive traffic to a subscribing landing-page. This call-to-action should include a legitimate reason for your contacts to subscribe.

#6 Optimize your landing page

It’s easy to lose potential high-value customers simply on account of the fact that your landing-page is badly presented or optimized.

Mistakes include:

  •      Not including high-value messaging
  •      Not using offers
  •      A slow loading speed

To improve the number of subscribers be sure to pay attention to this page and make sure that it is well designed and easy to navigate.

Tools like leadpages can you help you with this process.

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#7 Prove your popularity

As you start to generate more subscribers it is worth publicly showing how many people receive your e-mail newsletters.

Proving your popularity will lend authority to your e-mails and demonstrate your social proof.

#8 Encourage users to opt-in

Adding an opt-in field resource to landing pages is a great way to increase the rate of engagement with your newsletter. Just include a drop-down or checked box form on pages where someone submits their details in order to download content such as eGuides or infographics.

This gives your audience a convenient way to receive e-mails. With the rise in GDPR laws, it’s more important than ever to ensure you receive informed consent from subscribers trusting you with their data. It might also be worth linking to your website’s privacy policy.

#9 Encourage sharing

This could be as simple as encouraging your current newsletters subscribers to forward the newsletter to their friends and connections.

This might be useful to include in e-mails that you feel are particularly provocative or that might receive an especially strong reaction.

It’s important that you also include a new way for people to sign up and ensure that the people who receive the e-mail second-hand don’t click the ‘unsubscribe’ button – this will result in them deleting the original recipient and not themselves.

#10 Use a QR code

This is a fun way to encourage potential subscribers to sign up to your newsletter – and it works in the real world too.

QR codes – or ‘quick response codes’ are square barcodes that can be scanned on your phone. They automatically pull up a web page, which could be the landing page for your newsletter subscription service.

Make sure that this code takes them to a mobile-friendly page as they will more than likely be using their phone to do the scanning.

This is a great alternative way to encourage engagement.

Follow the above tips to increase the amount of people subscribing to your e-mail marketing campaign and you will encourage clicks back to your website and to your social channels. This will ensure explosive growth for your brand.

Author Bio:

Stefanos Bournias a content marketing consultant that specializes in SaaS businesses. He has worked with start-up founders, content managers and inbound marketers to deliver quality content that increases brand awareness, traffic and qualified leads.

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