How To Convert Your Garage Into Your Home Office

Be it the new normal post covid-19 or the need to start your own company (Apple was started in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents, just saying), there is always a free space which can be converted into a productive work environment. Add some things, move some stuff and voila! Your home office is ready. So today we are answering one of the most asked questions – How to convert your garage into a home office.

A garage is a perfect space to convert into a home office as cars can always be parked in the driveway. Garages also have a lot of underutilised space which can contribute to your office space greatly.

Here are some ways to convert your garage into your home office:

  • Survey the Space:

The garage you’re looking to convert will mostly have a concrete floor and unkempt walls. Invest in flooring – hardwood, tiles or otherwise, to give it a more professional look. Get your walls painted again with some light colours to have a positive environment and decorate the walls with some professional interior design pieces to impress your clients and customers!

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  • Utilise the Space:

The space of a garage I often underutilised. So, take off all the cabinets and racks and storage spaces that you do not need, and replace them with those in place which are better suited to your needs. Get a designer to virtually design your space and proceed accordingly, to set up your home office!

  • Give Comfort a Priority:

Garage spaces are not meant for living, but are rather organised as storage spaces and car parking and it requires minimum comfort levels. Ensure proper wiring for proper supply of electricity, water and also pay attention to the distance of washrooms from your office. If the distance is too much or it disrupts the privacy of your home or your family, set up a portable bathroom stall outside or have a small washroom constructed. Have a small pantry set up as well make tea, coffee and also have a water dispenser in place.

  • Illumination:

Most garages do not have natural light or have enough electric lights. Correct illumination is very important for productivity. Make sure all the areas of your office are well lit, especially your work desk, the client lounge and the place you meet with the clients. Natural light is very much appreciated and preferred but if it so happens that your garage doesn’t have windows or any other sources of natural light, make sure that you put enough lights to make the room well lit. Also, if you are more into energy saving, you can always go for LED lights and bulbs instead of traditional harmful fluorescent lights and bulbs.

  • Security:

Your home/garage office, once complete with all things mentioned above, is more prone to attacks of thieves. If you also plan on holding cash and other monetary items in your office, loose threads of security can be a major threat. So, install a proper security system, complete with cameras, alarms and other protection appliances in the front of the garage. Don’t forget to get your office insured as well, for if you are putting this much of investment in it, its better to be safe than sorry.

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  • Ventilation:

Most garages do not have a lot of ventilation. If you are thinking of installing air conditioners and central heating systems, ensure that the ventilation in the space is good enough. Not having proper ventilation can lead to pungent smelling spaces which does not leave a good impression on the client or customer.

An office is one of the first impressions that you will have on your clients. It is one of the major components that will affect their decision and build a loyal customer relationship. The setup of your office directly reflects how serious you are about your professional services, which directly gives a hint to the client to engage in business with you as they now expect their work to be done by a serious professional. So if you are looking for some professional garage to office converter then you should definitely check garage conversions Los Angeles.

Garage offices are compact, and also help you save on unnecessary rent and other bills. It’s the perfect example of shared resources and if utilised properly, can give your business the start it needs. And since you’re not building anything, just remodelling it, it doesn’t require permits or a lot of capital. It is cost effective and ensures proper utilisation of existing space.

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