Best Beat Making Software In 2022 (Top 15 For DJs and Producers)

Beats are the basic requirement in any music and and the process of creating beat is known as beat making. Earlier it was done using real instruments but since technology has evolved a lot musicians nowadays are creating music and beats on compurter as well using applications and software which are commonly called as beat making software.

As we have already mentioned beats are the main part of electronic music, and every artist has to design and edit beats in a short amount of span to be successful. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting in the music industry or whether you’ve been creating music for a long time, beat making software is a must.

Aside from being a job, music production is also a fun and thrilling pastime for millions of lovers. It is no longer the case that it is only available to the rich and prominent. Modern technology requires just a computer to do the task. To assist you in getting started in the music production industry, we’ve produced a list of the best beat making software.

1. Studio One 4 Prime

PreSonus’ Studio One 4 Prime is a well-known DAW that serves individuals who desire to compose. Because of its FX and professional processors, this program remains an excellent option for anybody who wants to create beats, whether they’re sampling or audio recording their sounds.

The drag-and-drop interface in Studio One 4 Prime is very user-friendly. It lets you operate the DAW’s 1GB sample library, nine plug-ins, as well as other features. Everything may be dragged and dropped into a single process. You may also create an infinite number of sound and MIDI tracks in Studio One 4 Prime. Studio One 4 Prime should be your DAW if you want to make music.

It comes with pro-level algorithms that enable professional timing effects and track automation. One of its most notable features is a sampler that lets you handle free sequences and samples as well as reverbs and other FX. Studio One 4 Prime has a significant flaw in that it does not support third-party VST instruments.

Key Features of Studio One 4 Prime:

  • It would be greatly enhanced by using a mic pack.
  • Create quickly and easily by laying downbeats.
  • Newer Studio One versions allow direct uploading to SoundCloud.
  • Copy and paste verses and choruses or rearrange them.

2. Magix Music Maker

The Magix Music Maker DAW is an excellent choice if you’re seeking inexpensive, beginner friendly beat making software. Music Maker is an intelligent song-making tool that requires you to pick a Soundpool and a song template. Instruments and song sections may also be used to provide a little flavor. It’s never been simpler to be inspired!

Furthermore, you may personalize the graphical interface by rearranging all parts. It’s also worth mentioning that, owing to the inbuilt VST Bridge, magix music maker still works with 32-bit plugins. And just because the Magix Music Maker is aimed at novices doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to seasoned producers.

Due to the fact that there is no learning curve, you will not have to spend time learning how to utilize this as a seasoned DJ or producer. The sole disadvantage of this program is that it has a restricted feature set compared to other digital audio workstations on the market.

Key Features of Magix Music Maker:

  • For high-quality sound, use a professional audio engine.
  • Add tunes, chords, etc., by clicking or playing the MIDI keyboard.
  • Editor and arranging window for MIDI.
  • Effects may be applied to sounds and loops.

3. Serato Studio Software

If you’re a DJ or a composer, chances are you’ve been working on your skill for years or even decades, learning the ins and outs of your preferred software and establishing a consistent workflow. To begin making music, you don’t need to learn and practice a new software package from scratch.

Your fears about dealing with tedious, complicated software may be put to rest with Serato Studio Software. Serato Studio is designed specifically for DJs, with everything centered on a DJ-friendly mixer, recognizable effects, hip hop beats, and fast access to your complete Serato DJ collection.

The built-in audio editor in Serato Studio makes it simple to identify song keys and extend tempos. It includes sequencing choices like primary step sequence and piano rolls with failsafe key settings that only play the proper notes. The software also comes with many other virtual instruments and 300 professionally written grooves so you can start making music right away.

Key Features of Serato Studio Software:

  • Input an instrument import sounds in various formats.
  • Provides studio-sounding plug-ins for your recordings.
  • Since it alters the pitch and tempo, it is not pre-know
  • Drag and drop all components to set up your procedure.

4. Ableton Live 11 Intro

Ableton Live 11 Intro is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in dabbling in beats creation since it is designed to simplify both music-making and live performances. Live 11 Intro excels in its two distinct perspectives, which are ideal for determining the optimum workflow for you.

Its linear Arrangement View, which has time and tracks on the x- and y-axes, is comparable to other DAW systems. Individual tracks are shown on the x-axis, while “scenes” are displayed on the y-axis in Live 11’s Session View mode. You may load loops, grooves, and other samples into each scene for good experimentation and mix them in real-time.

In addition to launching a single scene with options to seamlessly transition to additional sets or repeat the scenario, you may also create a customized DAW experience to suit your preferences in Live 11. It’s hard to believe that this powerful DAW costs less than $100.

Key Features of Ableton Live 11 Intro:

  • It has a lot of excellent stock audio and many different options.
  • The most suitable for live performances.
  • A user-friendly UI with a future-oriented design.
  • For additional plugins, it works with all VST Standards.

5. Logic Pro X

MacOS users needing a DAW can go no farther than Logic Pro. It’s a powerful DAW that’s also reasonably priced. Logic Pro for macOS PCs is one of the greatest DAWs money can buy since it offers a comprehensive, in-depth recording and producing a package that can match anyone’s demands.

Every producer and artist requires Logic Pro X to record, write, edit, and distribute their tunes. Logic Pro X is easy to use because of its elegant and straightforward design. If you can afford it and the tools seem appropriate for you, Logic Pro X may be the correct DAW for you.

The music production software has long been regarded as one of the most excellent DAWs money can buy in the music industry.

Some of the features provided in Logic Pro X, like the Smart Tempo tool, are useful, as they will save you a lot of time when it comes to determining the correct tempo of your tracks. It enables you to interact with your samples and create projects utilizing them as a foundation.

Key Features of Logic Pro X:

  • All VST plugins are compatible with this.
  • An extensive collection of samples, loops, and presets.
  • The piano roll also enables finer editing.
  • There are 80 plug-ins in the Producer version.

6. Soundtrap

Soundtrap is a fantastic cloud-based music tool and the greatest beat making software available. It’s perfect for use as a teaching tool and composers’ audio editing software. Its goal is to make music easier for artists and educational organizations.

Aside from that, there’s an audio editing, collaboration with students or lecturers, podcast management, and other responsibilities. There are no compatibility issues with either Windows or Mac OS X. Beats, and presets of excellent quality are offered. Connect your beats, loops, and instruments to our massive collection of moments, loops, and tools.

Using Soundtrap, editors may manipulate numerous sounds to produce music or interact with others on any device. Editing, mixing, and mastering are possible. A wealth of rhythms, grooves, and musical instruments are available for users to use in creating their music via the usage of this feature-rich program.

Key Features of Soundtrap:

  • Spontaneous and straightforward beat creation.
  • Automatically tune and edit your voice recordings.
  • It allows artists to collaborate in real-time.
  • Soundtrap provides Antares-powered autotuning and an amp.

7. FL Studio 20

FL Studio, originally known as Fruity Loops, is a well-known beat-making application developed by Image-Line, a Belgian firm. However, since most beat creators depend mainly on “in the box” material, fl studio is ideal. Each subsequent level adds audio recording and a selection of effects plugins.

Image-Line will give free updates for the rest of your life, regardless of the version you choose. FL Studio’s software has a simplified and straightforward user interface. You can move many faders simultaneously, just as you would on a conventional mixing board. Even if you’re a newbie, you’ll find the layout straightforward and straightforward to learn.

A sound library is included with this beat-making program. It’s a good size; however, many of the sounds are faint, and several seem to be old. Many of the supplied preset are high-pass synthesizers, lovely for EDM and dance mixes but less helpful for other purposes.

Key Features of FL Studio 20:

  • It offers a well-organized beat creator interface.
  • Signature and producer lists get you lifetime updates.
  • Compatible with MIDI music production keyboard controllers.
  • It has enough web resources to solve practically any problem.

8. Maschine MK3

When it comes to music production, whether you’re an experienced musician or a complete novice, this best-beat-producing software is a must-have. Maschine MK3 is suitable for all users. It works as a software instrument and a hardware controller, enabling you to create a wide range of sounds on the go.

A sampler, mixer, FX, and a built-in audio interface are some of the things it comes with. There’s also an audio library of instruments with high-quality effects. It features a primary user interface that becomes easier to use as you get accustomed to it. Using a simple drag-and-drop pattern export, you can export MIDI and audio to your DAW’s timeline.

It’s easy to produce rhythm, melody, and harmony using drum beats synthesizers, and high-quality sounds. As a result, the process remains flexible. It is suitable for novice and experienced song producers—those looking for a controller with a broad range of options and features.

Key Features of Maschine MK3:

  • It’s a one-stop-shop for producing music.
  • You don’t require musical theory or keyboard skills.
  • It includes samplers, instruments, and synthesizers.
  • The Maschine gear is well-built and organized.


LMMS is a cross-platform open-source alternative to commercial software such as FL Studio. You may use this digital audio workstation to create melodies and rhythms, synthesize and mix sounds, and arrange samples. The program might look intimidating at first since it loads with many floating windows, which can be overwhelming.

However, a few minutes of browsing through the handbook reveals that everything is as it should be. The UI turns out to be pretty straightforward and easy to use. Numerous audio samples and effect units and built-in virtual instruments reproduce classic electronic music sounds.

After you’ve installed it, you can start making tracks right away. Beat+Bassline editor, track-based automation, and computer-controlled automation are all included in LMMS’s extensive functionality. This tool is more appealing by having graphic and parametric equalization and a visualization/spectrum analyzer.

Key Features of LMMS:

  • The software’s MIDI Editor lets users easily modify songs.
  • LMMS Audio Editor also includes a song editing toolbar.
  • Start recording audio using any recording device connected.
  • Professional soundtracks can be made with ease.

10. Pro Tools First

Pro Tools First is a freemium version of Pro Tools 12 with many of the same tools for creating beats and samples and recorded music and MIDI projects. To get started, Pro Tools First gives you the ability to create as many as 16 audios or MIDI tracks.

The most significant disadvantage is that you may only record three projects at a time, and they must all be stored in the Avid cloud. However, with a bit of planning, you can enjoy all of the advantages of this fantastic program without spending a dime. Despite its outdated design, the Pro Tools user interface has the benefit of being very intuitive because of its dual-pane layout.

Mixing levels may be done in Mixer View by adjusting sliders and other parameters. It’s possible to create complex rhythms with Pro Tools First, but you’re limited to working with three tracks at a time and a total of 16 tracks. Xpand, a powerful software synthesizer & beat plug-in, is included with Pro Tools First for beatmakers.

Key Features of Pro Tools First:

  • Plugins for mixing and mastering are included.
  • Additional effects are available in the app store.
  • Unlimited Music and Instrument Records.
  • A vibrant user community for finding limitless solutions.

11. MuseScore

MuseScore is a free software for beat making that accepts various file types and input techniques. Its primary function lets users make high-quality embossed musical scores in any environment using a graphical user interface. A wide range of instruments may compose music with this program.

Over 1 million free sheet music arrangements are available to get you started. The Mixer tool allows you to see and play sheet music, control the tempo and transpose, and adjust the loudness and display of individual instruments in each score. Your preferred sheet music may be exported (to PDF) or shared with the rest of the world.

Percussion notation, automated transcription, cross-staff flashing, fretboard diagrams, lyrics (many verses), and everything else that can be found in sheet music are all supported by the program. The free edition includes almost everything a user needs to produce music effortlessly.

Key Features of MuseScore:

  • Music mixing software for professionals.
  • There are no restrictions or hidden costs.
  • Although it is a simple-to-use console, it is a strong beatmaker.
  • Transfer through MIDI, MusicXML, and other methods.

12. BandLab – Music Making Studio

BandLab enables you to make music while also allowing you to collaborate with other artists and fans. The platform integrates social aspects like video sharing with music-making technologies like digital audio workstations. The multi-track editor makes recording, editing, and remixing a song a breeze.

Select from an extensive array of creative effects, loops, voices, and rhythms. One program may be used to create music from a variety of more than 200 different virtual MIDI instruments. For Windows, BandLab offers Cakewalk Sonar, a well-known program. It has a 64-bit mix engine that consistently produces clean, lively, and accurate mixes.

Cakewalk lets you obtain immaculate pro-studio sounds by automating the mixing process. It can also reproduce the layouts of several analog consoles with great accuracy. Even if you’re starting in the music industry and want to develop your virtual instruments, you can do it.

Key Features of BandLab:

  • Support for purchases and a 30-day free trial.
  • How to and other concerns customer support.
  • Open source lessons, forums, and guides.
  • Different instruments and MIDI keyboard input.

13. Reaper

Reaper by Cockos is one of the most tricky digital audio workstations out there. If you take the time to learn how to use it, you’ll be amazed at how much power this thing can give you. To use it, you may download the program and obtain a free trial for 60 days, after which you must purchase a license to continue.

We think this is a terrific approach for both the business and the consumer since it lets us check it out for an extended period without spending any money. When compared to other DAWs, Reaper is a one-of-a-kind product. A small group of people created it to provide us with the bare requirements of a DAW without a slew of extras we’re unlikely to utilize.

You can drag and drop VSTs and FX, map MIDI controllers easily, cut, paste, divide, and edit single tracks, and a majority of developers have plug-in compatibility. It is essentially a nitty-gritty open-source application.

Key Features of Reaper:

  • It’s efficient, quick to load, and well-coded.
  • Internal audio processing in 64 bits.
  • Support for MIDI devices and software is extensive.
  • Thousands of third-party effects plug-ins are supported.

14. Bitwig Studio 3

To comprehend Bitwig Studio 3’s objective, all it takes is a single session with the any beat making programs. Studio 3 is a superb foundation for supercharging your productivity, with over 80 instruments and effects and ample adaptability for both studio and stage usage.

In addition to supporting Ableton LINK 3 for synchronizing workstations, its Realtime Ruler shows timelines in both seconds and minutes. The Grid is Studio 3’s modular sound-design environment. It has more than 150 modules and Poly/FX Grids for making synthesizers and sequenced patches, and a lot of other tools.

Take some time to play with it, and you’ll discover that the Grid is serious about its mission. Make the most of your project’s excellent sound and quick workflow by simply adding the Grid to your project. You may also include fades and crossfades right into your project for extra speed and time-stretching to match everything to your chosen pace.

Key Features of Bitwig Studio 3:

  • Entirely modular sound design.
  • There are almost 140 modules in all.
  • The stereo signal route is 4x oversampled.
  • Controls the operation of modular hardware.

15. GarageBand

GarageBand is also one of the most popular and greatest beat-making software for PC and a free beat-making tool utilized by practically all professional music producers. This software is provided in a free version for MAC users only. You may make beats and songs of any genre. As a result, it is the most widely used and finest free beat making software.

It teaches even the most inexperienced artists to utilize loops and other sophisticated techniques. 255 tracks are supported, and it even has a synthetic session drummer. GarageBand is also one of the most user-friendly music-production programs available.

Despite its aesthetic simplicity, this free music-looping program might be scary to beginners. We suggest installing it on all of your devices, including your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, to expedite the learning process. iCloud allows you to work on your music regardless of your device or whatever device you are using.

Key Features of GarageBand:

  • Developing musical projects from the ground up.
  • Making changes to music in MIDI or audio.
  • Creating a library of royalty-free loops.
  • Third-party plug-ins are downloaded.


Having the perfect DAW is an understatement since nothing is more crucial than having a DAW that can effortlessly accommodate all of your needs. The finest beat-making software is determined by your specific requirements as a producer or musician.

After you have studied the knowledge that has been presented to you so far, you will be better prepared to navigate your way about to some of the most creative applications that are especially conducive to both the beat-making and the whole creative process.

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