6 Things Your Business is Doing Wrong on Social Media

Social media is arguably the most influential place to be on the internet, with more than half the population online on a couple or one social network. It is a wise move to choose to launch your business on different social media platform with an aim of being where your target audience is.


However, not unless you are doing things right, social media networks may not yield you half the results you are after.


Below are some of the 6 things you are probably doing wrong as a business on social media:


  • Only sharing promotional messages

The truth of the matter is, your target audience on social media already knows that you are a business and you have products and services to sell.


Nonetheless, they do not want to feel like a dump site for your promotional messages.


If people go through your social feed and all they find are promotional messages, they will not be inclined to follow you, leave alone visit your website. Make an effort to diversify your feed by sharing audience-generated content, inspirational materials, quotes, commendations, among other things.


Occasionally share posts from your audience and seniors in your industry, as a show of good faith, in acknowledgment that your primary goal is to see that your customers are getting all-around value.



  • Sharing all types of messages on all platforms

The more you share your messages on diverse social networks, the higher your chances of reaching a broader audience. Even then, not all messages have a platform on all social media networks.


For example, sharing long-form content may work well for LinkedIn and Facebook, but not so much for Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.


It is essential that you master the difference in social media platforms, so you can understand the content that befits them uniquely. If you have a professional message to communicate, for example, LinkedIn would feature as the perfect platform, while YouTube for long and detailed videos, and such.


In the same capacity, check on the timeframes you share your content since different platforms have a different hour of optimal activity.


Some networks are more active in the morning, others during the day, and others in the night.



  • Inconsistent branding

Most businesses easily lose touch of their brand’s essence while on social media. Inconsistency in branding implies that you do not have your house in order, and this way, your audience cannot trust you as a credible source of information.


You must get to the point where people can identify you with a piece of information from afar because of the consistency in branding.


This means using a consistent tone and language while posting, a design for your media that is consistent, as well as staying grounded to your primary goal as a brand.


As you seek to grow your audience and diversify your engagement level, be sure you do not stray too far from your brand. Have a standard brand name, and social media handles that people can trace hassle-free.



  • Untimely responses

Social media is the one place where the concept of instantaneous communication matters. Delaying to respond to your audience in one occurrence may be overlooked, but if you pick up the trend of being untimely with your feedback, then you are losing out a considerable market share.


When your target audience reaches out to you on your social media platforms, you must determine to be responsive to them, at most within a 24-hour frame.


People do not have all day to wait for you to respond to their concerns, which is why they will be out seeking other platforms, or worse, badmouthing you, which might cost you’re your reputation.


Have a digital strategist or content marketer on standby for your social media platforms, so your business is always timely with feedback.


  • Harsh reaction to criticism

There is no telling what the audience on social media networks is capable of, given the freedom of speech these platforms emphasize.


As a business, you cannot always please everyone, even though that is your primary goal, which is why the phrase, ‘the customer is always right.’


Upon receiving negative reviews and comments from your audience, it is highly tempting to lash out on them with harsh responses, but that is where you get it wrong.


Bearing in mind that the internet never forgets, you want to ensure that the words you use will not negatively be used against you in the future.


While harshness is one problem, it is equally as dangerous to ignore negative remarks. Respond with a solution to the people’s concerns, or a promise to rectify the issue and offer them better value.


  • Lack of commitment to social media

Social media may be a powerful tool, but it does not yield instant results. The social media gurus took time to build their brand and their presence on social media, and now they are relevant and unstoppable.


Work on growing your audience base, mastering a consistent frequency, and learning how to handle your audience, and with time, social media will do all the work for you.


Social media should, by all means, complement the existence and success of your business online, and if you keep repeating some of these mistakes, you may never grow your organic traffic, let alone improve your position on SERP.


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