4 Education Based Apps for Students and Kids

Most parents and teachers did not want students to access phones because it is a distraction to them. It is disappointing to them because technology has proved them wrong in many ways. They have tried everything they can to keep learners away from phones, but it is impossible.

Technology has made work easier for students because they can use smartphones and gain as much knowledge as possible. There is nothing teachers and parents can do to stop them because that is the way.

There are numerous apps students can use when it comes to learning. The apps make learning fun for learners because of the features they have.

Parents have to sit down with their kids and identify the appropriate ones for their kids, and they are good to go. Students should try using the apps for students to do better in school because they are practical and enjoyable.

They make students concentrate all through without fail. Everything is simple and effective because of the different apps that are in place. If you are a parent and you want your child to use one but know nothing about them, here is the place to be.

Parents should first change their mindset when it comes to smartphones because they are tools that will enable their kids to reach the top.

A time it can be a distraction, but when used correctly, it is useful and efficient.

1. Google Classroom

Most of the institutions prefer giving students assignments so that they can access students. Tasks are hectic to many learners because they do not know where to start or how to go about them. Some of them end up not doing them because of different reasons. Some kids get good reviews from teachers, while others get bad ones. Teachers have a challenging task because they have to ensure they review all students’ work then grade. Google classroom comes in here because it is the solution. It is some virtual classroom where announcements, revisions, submitting assignments, and many more can occur. It is easy to use the app because teachers share a specific code with all the students. Students can later join by using the principles and start using them.

2. My Homework Done

It’s not an app, but can be used in the browser on any device. My Homework Done offers visitors inspiration and help since 2013. You can ask “do my homework for money” and different types of tasks on every subject will be done for you. The inspiring blog will share some wisdom on how to do college homework and also share some memes and reflections on the necessity of homework at all.

3. edX

Most of the learners want to join prestigious universities when they complete high school. For one to enter the right school, he/she must work hard without fail. Reading right can help one make it to a great institution. If you consider having this app on your smartphone, you are good to go. Whatever you want to learn, you will always get it in edX without fail. If you consider using it, there is no way any university will reject you. There are so many courses in the app that will help you achieve your goals.

4. Khan Academy

If you want a free app that is effective at all times, Khan Academy is the solution. It does not matter the country you come from because you can access it from any part of the world. The app is doing a great job in making sure students improve in whatever they do. It is a unique app that is easy to use. If you want to learn something, there are numerous video tutorials to assist you.

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