Wind Energy Technology – A Gift By Alumni

Wind Energy Technology alumni of Texas State Technical College, Eric Ramirez and Rene Lopez typically spend their days working the wind turbines at Duke Energy in Lyford, however on Thursday they were discovered working the barbeque flame broils at the Harlingen Boys and Girls Club.


“I used to spend my summers playing computer games and ball at the place where I grew up Boys and Girls Club in Raymondville,” Ramirez thought back. “It’s an extraordinary place for the children, and I feel I must offer back to where I grew up.”


Lopez included, “It feels awesome offering back to the group where I was raised. We are here to help people and all in any way we can, huge or little.”


The two men and a group of their partners hacked brisket cooked by Harlingen firefighters; bundled trimmings of onions, jalapenos and pickles; and set up together plates with brisket, rice, beans, and bread for the pledge drive, which was facilitated by the United Way of Northern Cameron County. Continues profited 14 philanthropic organizations, including the neighborhood Boys and Girls Club.


“We are so eager to have them here and have Duke Energy as a United Way accomplice,” said Jessica Belschner, United Way official chief. “They are completing a superb activity.”


Ramirez and Lopez graduated with testaments in Wind Energy Technology in 2012. Both wind energy experts have worked with Duke for about four years.


The men have had a few chances to volunteer in the groups where they grew up since moving on from TSTC and joining the Duke Energy family.


“Without TSTC I wouldn’t be the place I am today,” said Lopez, a Sebastian local. “Contemplating wind energy was never the arrangement, yet I’m happy it worked out the way it did.”


Lopez said that at first, he was at TSTC to complete his nuts and bolts while he worked at a neighborhood material organization, yet when he was acquainted with the wind energy program, he was constrained to enlist in it.


“TSTC gave me the chance to learn and attempt new things and to kick-begin my profession,” said Lopez. “I haven’t been without a decent paying activity from that point forward.”


Lopez likewise holds a Federal Aviation Administration permit to be an automaton pilot for Duke Energy.


He has effectively assisted in numerous tasks, incorporating tropical storm help endeavors in Florida after Hurricane Irma.


Concerning Ramirez, TSTC’s Wind Energy Technology was a vocation change and another opportunity at a superior life.


Ramirez said he worked for a long time in trucking, and when he started to see wind cultivates fly up over the Valley, he realized that was the place he should be.


Promptly in the wake of graduating, Ramirez labored for eighteen months with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Sarita before making a move to Duke Energy.


“TSTC was an incredible affair for me. It gave me the establishment I expected to enter a field with numerous activity and development openings,” said Ramirez. “It is certainly a direct result of TSTC that I have possessed the capacity to discover awesome occupations.”


Duke Energy Area Planner for Wind Operations Sotero Regalado is likewise a TSTC former student and is Ramirez and Lopez’s boss.


Regalado, who earned his authentication in Wind Energy Technology in 2011, said Ramirez and Lopez are two of the best experts he has in the field.


“The two men are the first rate. They ingrain safety in our general culture at Duke and are extraordinary cooperative individuals,” said Regalado.


“There is most likely that the achievement they have found with us is a result of the preparation they got at TSTC, (and) their diligent work and inspiration.”


May is Duke Energy in real life Month for the organization, however Regalado said he hopes to proceed with volunteer endeavors consistently, particularly in the wake of perceiving how energized Ramirez, Lopez and their group were to help out, and he hopes that they can likewise tutor or assist other Wind Energy Technology understudies from TSTC.

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