Wife of Indian Cricket Captain Wants to Self-Isolate on Solomon Islands

It was only a few days ago that the India-South Africa series was called off amid concerns over the coronavirus. And now, it has been revealed that the wife of India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli, has suggested to her husband that they go on an “isolation” trip to the Solomon Islands. Anushka Sharma, who is a Bollywood star in India, says that because her husband is now free from his cricketing commitments, including national and club duties, she would like to spend more time with him. An isolation trip, away from the couple’s daily regime, is what Sharma suggested.

While some people are intending to stay home and self-isolate, with some taking their time out to access various online gaming sites, Sharma intends to travel to the Solomon Islands with her other half. For those wanting to continue with betting online, there’s an independent review of Betway that gamers can read before signing up to the site.

Virat and Anushka have been together for a considerable amount of time and have visited numerous countries around the world in that time. Their previous trip was to the nation of Bhutan, based in the eastern Himalayas. The Indian cricket captain celebrated his 31st birthday in Bhutan at the time, and the power couple have shared multiple pictures online from their visit.

A Trip to the Isolated Islands

Sharma has now suggested that she and her husband travel to somewhere “far away”, making hints at the Solomon Islands as a desired destination. It consists of six major islands in Oceania, lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu. The Bollywood actress said not only would it make for a great vacation for the pair of them, but it would work as a self-isolation trip at the same time.

Virat, who was working endlessly to secure India a victory against South Africa prior to the event’s cancellation, will look toward the pair’s next journey as a moment of leisure. At the same time, he would be able to provide some tuition to any Solomon Islanders who are looking to become expert cricketers.

A Solomon Island resident of Indian descent Vincent Kumar, said that it would be a real pleasure for the islands to play host to the couple. He’s intending to renew his driving licence for his car just in case the couple do opt to visit there, and he would be happy to host them and navigate them around the destination. Whatever the case may be, the Indian cricketing power couple may not be in India for a time period as the coronavirus pandemic has brought many sporting events to a halt. This is certainly something that both of them will doubtless be looking forward to.

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