Why Use Red Dot Sight When Hunting?

Red dot sights are one of the most common types of gun sights available in the market. With different types, reticles, sizes, and dimensions, these gun sights have proven their worth on many occasions over the years. And if you are a hunter, you’ll definitely find a good use for them.

After you go through the reasons to use red dot sights in hunting, just go ahead and read red dot sight reviews to get the best red dot sight for your gun to accompany you in your hunt.

Now, let’s get into the reasoning –

6 reasons why you should use red dot sight in hunting.

  1. Excellent accuracy

Sometimes even with magnified optics, the iron sights are not as precise as the red dot sights. Compared to other sights and optics on the market, these red dot sights are much more accurate with target acquiring, which is must for hunters. You don’t want to fire an empty shot at the target.

  1. Faster target acquiring

Apart from being unreasonably accurate, red dot sights have another important advantage that turns the table against an argument for any other sights for hunting. These red dot sights are surprisingly fast in target acquiring.

Unlike the iron sight, the red dot sight doesn’t need to be lined up with the target. This affects the target acquiring time greatly giving red dot sights upper hand in hunting over other types of sights.

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  1. Visibility even in pitch black

Some hunters are attracted to nightlife. They prefer hunting in the dark which is not a great time for humans to get anything done because unlike other species of animals in the world, we are not meant to work at night and our eye sights are a proof of that.

Luckily, we have red dot sights that help us get a better sense of target acquiring in the dark even in the pitch black. The illuminated dot helps a lot when you can’t even see the target properly, let alone shoot it in such darkness.

  1. Extended battery life

Battery life has an impact on gun sights performance. This battery life depends on the power source that is used to illuminate the reticle. Thankfully the red dot sights use less energy consuming LEDs and not other more power-hungry sources like a laser.

  1. A relief for poor eyesight

If you have poor eyesight, using an iron gun sight will be tough for you. You’ll find it very difficult to position all the 3 things, your eyes, the iron sight and the target in the proper position. But with the red dot sight, it is a lot easier. That’s why red dot sights are favorite amongst the hunters.

  1. Variation in the reticle, reticle color, reticle shape & overall design

Red dot sights vary in the reticle, its color, its shape and the overall built it has.

The reticle can be red, blue or green and depending on your preference, you can get a dot, a cross, bullseyes or whatever you are most comfortable with. Besides, these red dot sights are available for almost every type of guns and pistols. So, there’s a high chance you’ll find one for your gun without breaking a sweat.

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