Why Every Italian Expat in SG Should Visit Ricciotti Restaurant

The number of foreign workers in Singapore, with a population of 5.6 million, has increased significantly throughout the years as per the figures provided by the Manpower Ministry.


As a matter fact, Singapore has been considered as the top expat destination for the previous the years. All because foreign expats feel confident about SG’s political stability and the local economy.


Amongst the expats you’ll see in the country are Italians. Being away from their native land, perhaps they miss being at home in Italy. This was the inspiration from the great minds behind Ricciotti when they created and built the best Italian restaurant in Singapore that served and continues to serve as a home for every Italian expat in SG.


Ricciotti serves the finest and authentic Italian dishes.

Ricciotti has the best and most authentic Italian food in Singapore. Dining here can make guests feel like they are eating a home-cooked family meal in Italy.


As they enter the restaurant, an aroma of herbs, steaming fresh vegetables and olive oil will awaken their senses and blend with the ambiance which will help their bodies relax and get ready for a fabulous meal.


Divine restaurant chefs only use freshest and premium ingredients for their high quality and well – cooked dishes. Ricciotti menu ranges from antipasti, insalate, primi piatti, secondi, pane, pizza, dolce to small bites. Devouring on these while going gaga over their beverage choices will satisfy every Italian craving.


Ricciotti offers complete Italian dining set up.

When Italian expats who are tired from work visit and dine at Ricciotti, they will gain excitement to experience a bunch that’ll make them feel like home in Italy.


Ricciotti Managing Director Ottavio Gori himself says that their ambition back when conceiving the resto was to offer a complete experience for Italian dining. They embraced every aspect of Italy’s exciting lifestyle like music, modern art, design, and some other cultural backgrounds.


They went into detail about how an informal home gathering in Italy usually looks and feels like to ensure that bring perfect mood and ambiance. They considered everything from passion, laughter, tradition, love, and joy down to loud conversations that typically make up an Italian dining setup.

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