Why Does Electricity Needs a Ground/Earth System?

Electricity needs a ground as it is considered to a step towards electrical safety in our own house, industry, office or at any other place. With proper grounding system there are almost negligible chances of any type of electrical hazard which can cause loss of human life.

What is Electrical Grounding?

Electrical grounding is the very first method when implementation of electricity is done in your house or office. It is the most essential feature when it comes to safe-guard wrong wiring problems. Grounding creates an alternative path for electricity to flow in ground/earth so that all the wrong wiring, wrong connection and short circuit problems can be minimized and the indirect electricity can flow to earth.

Almost every 2nd appliance in your house or company needs electricity to operate. With the rise in number or electrical equipments there increases the rise in chances of electrical damages be it through wrong wiring, short circuit or plug problems.

To avoid this GROUNDING is done.

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Why is Earthing/Grounding Important?

Grounding or Earthing is very important as it provides:

  1. Human Safety.
  2. Electrical Equipments Safety.
  3. Protects Building from Lightning.

Let’s discuss about each of the above given point in brief now.

  • Human Safety:

As we all know how dangerous electricity is for humans. Electricity can pass through any electrical equipment to a human body if the device is either not properly connected or has wiring issues. Therefore if a device is not properly earthed then it can surely cause lot of damage to a human body.

  • Electrical Equipments Safety:

Electrical grounding provides stability and protection to all electrical devices irrespective or their voltage usage. High voltage can result in over-heating which in turn can result in improper functioning of the equipment and this can be dangerous as it can cause electrical short circuit.

  • Protects Building from Lightning.

Just like earthing protects electrical appliances from getting damaged, It also protects large buildings also known as skyscraping buildings from electrical shocks during rainy or stormy seasons. For buildings a device is installed on the tip of building which has the ability to absorb every type of electrical shock and send it directly to earth. The device is connected to ground with the help of many conducting plates or wires. If you are looking for someone to help you in this task then we will recommend you for John’s Electricians Joondalup. This company provides every type of electrical related door to door service. All you have to do is just visit their website: https://electricianinjoondalup.com.au/ and fill the get quote form and it’s done. The company will call you and will schedule a service as per your time routine.

How Do I know if My House is Properly Grounded?

You can’t do it by yourself. To ensure that your house is properly grounded or not you need an expert for that and here is when John’s Electricians Joondalup comes to help you. As per the rules the main cord, wire should be connected to the ground via a ground rod and other suitable equipments. There is no chance of mistake and that is why it is always recommended to hire an expert for this task.

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