Why EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 is Best for Recovering Data

A computer equipment, and in particular a personal computer, is a complex device with many delicate elements, which need minimal operating conditions to work.

All computer equipment has a storage system to store the data. In an extremely high percentage, the storage system consists of one or more hard drives.

These will be of greater or lesser sophistication, but they all constitute in themselves a delicate element and need maximum working conditions.

Making hard disks work in extreme conditions can produce a physical breakdown in them. The physical breakdown in turn will be main cause of a situation where the data stored cannot be accessed again.

In addition to damage to hard drives, data loss is often caused by accidental deletion and also virus attacks.

This problem is one of the most annoying problems for most computer users and unfortunately, few of them have any idea to overcome it. Today, if you are someone who has lost data and wants them to come back, you do not have to be a computer expert.

You just need..

a software that is able to restore lost data, which can be applied to various devices, especially mobile devices.

EaseUs Data Recovery

Which software?

This is the question; ‘Which software?‘ You can find various data recovery software and you can try them one by one. But based on our experience over the years, only Movavi is able to answer almost all the problems that may occur.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9

This is the latest Movavi software to solve all data loss problems. This software has two versions, free and paid, you can choose one of them. If you are new and want to try first then the free version is for you but you will have restrictions in recovering your data.

If you decide to buy a paid version then you will not get any restrictions on recovering your data and you will also get free lifetime updates.


How it works

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 works with 3 big steps; launch, scan and recover. It works on many devices; desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and digital camera devices, making it very flexible and a single solution for many people.

Bad Rabbit, Petya and Wanna Cry Ransomware are the three outbreaks of the Internet that have recently caused a stir in the various corners of the world linked to the loss of massive amounts of data. Not all data recovery software is able to restore lost data due to these three outbreaks but Movavi can. This is why this app gained its popularity some time ago.

recover files

How to start the recovery

To start your recovery program, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Install the program
  • Once you have finished installing the program into your computer then you can start following the recommended steps. ‘Scan’ is what must first be clicked. This command will activate the program to search one by one the missing data in a folder. You’ll see a ‘deep scan feature‘ that automatically slides to find more hidden data.
  • After the scan is done then you will be shown hidden files where you have to select the files you want to recover. Click ‘Recover’. You may need to set up a special folder to hold the data that has been recovered.

What’s new from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9

This great program presents two new things; support for recovering data from ReFS partition and also a wider preview for various types of images. Not only these two new things, the program also supports more languages, making it easier for people from different countries to experience the great Movavi’s software.

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