Stars, Universe and Astrology, directly or indirectly, play a significant part in determining the success percentage of a romantic alliance or any relationship. Couples often tend to seek the guidance of the Astrologers or go for a True Love Calculator Test Report to find out about the longevity and happiness ratio of their romantic relationship. Zodiac compatibility is one of the most sought-after methods to find out whether people belonging to two different Zodiacs will get along with each other or not. Here is a quick but an accurate description of which Zodiac is the best and worst match for another 12 Zodiac signs. Take a look.


Aries Best Match – Libra

Libra is a calm personality which effectively soothes the fiery demeanor of an Aries. On the other hand, Libra finds an exciting and adventurous partner in an Aries giving way to a supportive and harmonious relationship that will last forever. They are two opposites which attract each other and this is the key to the success of this relationship.

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Aries Worst Match – Cancer  

Cancers are extremely sensitive and emotional beings and this side after a point can suffocate the freedom-loving Aries. Cancer longs for a deep connection with their partner which a relatively self- centered Aries cannot provide. Both of them get fed up with each other’s ways quickly and this is why the success percentage of this relationship is really low.


Taurus Best Match – Cancer

Both these Zodiac signs look for a comfortable and luxurious life. You want to live the best life in the comfort of your homes and this is what determines the success chances of this association. Taurus and Cancer are extremely loyal and romantic individuals and surely believe in old school kind of love. They feel deeply and this is basically the essence of their relationship.  

Taurus Worst Match – Leo

Leo is outrightly an extrovert and Taurus love their own personal space. They operate on different energy levels and it is quite difficult for one to thrive in the presence of another. Leo like hanging out in crowds and might get frustrated with Taurus and their habit of chilling in their own personal space and with their close friends. It is difficult for both of them to adapt to each other’s lifestyles.

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Gemini Best Match – Aquarius

When two spontaneous free birds meet, sparks are bound to fly. A relationship between a Gemini and Aquarius is an exciting adventure as you share the passion for similar things. Both these signs value intellectual and interesting conversations, freedom, adventure, and friendships. They give each other the required space as they know the importance of doing one’s own thing even in a relationship.  

Gemini Worst Match – Virgo

Virgos are all about the detail and concrete planning. There is no element of spontaneity in their lifestyle. Gemini and Virgo have two varied approaches on how to live their life and clashes are bound to happen. It is indeed not a match that is built to last.

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Cancer Best Match – Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are two signs that complement each other effortlessly. While Capricorn takes care of the nitty-gritty of life while Cancer brings a distinct kind of charm, emotions and beauty in an otherwise disciplined life of a Capricorn. They know how to balance each other and this is the best part of this association.

Cancer Worst Match – Aries

Aries are over enthusiastic and over excited about all things in life which do not go down well with the calm and sincere Cancer. The initial romance between them is sweep off the feet kind of romance but it is not a practical partnership when the clouds of romance go away.


Leo Best Match – Aries

Aries and Leo are perfect for each other as they both are two outgoing and full of living beings. They want to live their life to the fullest and are high on energy. Both live their life with positivity and exude a different charm and this is the reason Leo and Aries get along so well.

Leo Worst Match – Taurus

Both, Taurus and Leo, know how to shine but in entirely different environments. It is very difficult for both of them to stand each other’s ways and lifestyles. As a result, this relationship never blossoms after a certain point.


Virgo Best Match – Capricorn

Capricorn and Virgo are like-minded people who value hard work and want security and stability in life. Both know how to get the work done and attain success in their endeavors. Capricorn and Virgo is a powerful duo and can build a supportive and everlasting relationship.  

Virgo Worst Match – Sagittarius

There are several things or lifestyle habits on which a Sagittarius and Virgo do not see eye to eye. Serious and dedicated Virgo does not understand the goofy and adventurous side of a Sagittarius. They both need different things in life so it is not a compatible relationship.


Libra Best Match – Aries

Two different people who complement each other is what defines the relationship between a Libra and Aries. Libra will find it hard to resist the enthusiasm, confidence and energy of an Aries. On the other hand, the optimism and cheerful of a Libra will attract Aries to no end.

Libra Worst Match – Pisces

There is one stark similarity between the two which proves to be a negative factor in this relationship. The inability of a Libra and Pisces to reach a decision and their habit of avoiding any sort of conflict can cause a lot of problems in their relationship to the extent of driving each other crazy.


Scorpio Best Match – Cancer

Scorpio gets extremely possessive and jealous in a relationship. However, with the unconditional and immense love of a Cancer, all these feelings are kept at bay. They both understand the significance of nurturing a relationship and are extremely protective of their loved ones.

Scorpio Worst Match  – Gemini

Gemini is spontaneous while Scorpio is methodical. They both have different approaches when it comes to taking a decision. Scorpios calculate all the pros and cons before coming to a decision and Geminis are impulsive. You both live life on two entirely different paces which leads to frustration.


Sagittarius Best Match – Gemini

Sagittarius love being with someone who is as adventurous and sporting as they are. And, Gemini fits the bill perfectly. They both like to go out, explore and try new different things. The relationship between the two is packed with fun, love, and adventures.

Sagittarius Worst Match – Virgo

Sagittarius are too goofy and humorous for a Virgo. Virgos are too serious and detailed for a Sagittarius. It is difficult for them to get in sync with each other’s life and ways. This is not an ideal relationship


Capricorn Best Match – Taurus

Capricorn and Taurus are soulmates to the word. You both share the same attitude and approach to life. Taurus and Capricorn know how to work hard and earn money and live happily ever after. Capricorn can be the biggest positive influence in the life of Taurus while the Bull can teach the Goat to lighten up a little.

Capricorn Worst Match – Libra

Libra’s social life and their inability to take a decision can annoy a Capricorn extensively. Capricorn is ambitious and know how to come out of problems in life while Libra is slightly casual and do not like confronting problems. Moreover, Libra is a social butterfly and Capricorn wants to stick only to their close friends which can be another cause of disagreement between the two.


Aquarius Best Match – Leo

Leo likes to tread the off-beaten path and this is what attracts the unorthodox Aquarius. Both are quirky, outgoing people who understand each other’s ways and share the same values. A relationship between Aquarius and Leo is fun, loving, out-of-the-box and quirky.

Aquarius Worst Match – Taurus

Aquarius thrives on change while Taurus hates any kind of change in their routine or life.Taurus likes taking things slowly but for an Aquarius, everything is in the now. They want to achieve different things in life so this partnership can never be a rewarding one.


Pisces Best Match – Taurus

Pisces is the dreamer and a hopeless romantic. They want a partner who understands their emotions and prizes them. This is why a Taurus is a perfect choice for the sensitive Pisces. Not only do they nurture a loving bond but they also motivate each other to work hard and dream big in life.

Pisces Worst Match – Gemini

Pisces takes every decision from the heart while a Gemini takes every decision from their head. So, it is certainly not an ideal relationship that could last. Gemini can find a Pisces too sensitive while a Pisces can think of Gemini as too cold.

Apart from Zodiac Compatibility, Love Calculator is another way to find the success percentage of a relationship. Love Calculator Test Report is derived on the basis of names of two partners. You can check your love percentage with many Love Calculator tools available online.

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