What Things You Should Consider Before Buying Stretch Sequin Fabric

Are you planning to purchase stretch sequin fabric for your dress?

If the answer is yes, you are on the correct page. A fabric which is completely covered with metal or plastic sequins is called a sequin fabric.

You have a lot of variety to choose from in terms of the colors and shapes of sequins. They come in different textures like matt or glossy or are one-sided or reversible. Chiffon or tulle is the most preferred fabric for sequin work.

One thing is for sure, sequins can add life to any outfit, making the wearer look radiant and stylish. The international fashion industry is also a huge fan of sequin work and doesn’t leave any occasion to use it.

Before going ahead with your purchasing, make sure you have covered the following things.

Know the Different Types of Sequin Fabrics

You just cannot pass by a sequin fabric without noticing it. I mean, they are tempting and dazzling enough to enchant anyone. It is essential to understand and know the different types of sequin fabrics available in the market. You have a lot of options to choose like Chiffon, Mesh or Tulle, Knit Fabric, Organza, Wool, and Lace.

Sequin Shape is also important!

Don’t miss the shape aspect of your sequin fabric buying process. Inappropriate sequin shape usage can ruin the complete look of your dress. For instance, you should go for delicate and small-sized sequins for an intricate design and large-shapes sequins for overall and bigger designs. Every shape offers a different look to the apparel. The most common and popular shapes include square, round, stars, flowers, rectangle, polygon, snowflakes, oval, and polygon.

Sequin Fabric Outfits

That since sequin can add glamour and gloss to an outfit, doesn’t mean that you can add it to any outfit. You need to have a decent sense of fashion and matching before you go ahead with it.  Sequin skirts have been ruling the fashion industry for a while now. Having a maroon colored sequin skirt is more than enough to enhance your oomph factor. You can also go for a sequin pale colored pant for a party. You can style an elegant top with cigarette cut or lounge-wear pattern pants. Having a black or red sequin coat can enhance the look of your outfit by manifolds. Styling it with matching accessories is more than enough to get the spotlight.

Make your Choices Wisely

Remember that purchasing sequin fabric is an expensive affair. Therefore, it is essential to understand the texture and properties of every fabric before making your final choice. After all, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money because of the wrong fabric choice. The best part is that you can also consult a fashion expert to understand the best sequin fabric for your outfit.

Make it Simple!

We will recommend you to go for a simple design pattern. Complicated patterns have a higher probability of errors. Make sure the focal point is the sequin work rather than any other part of the outfit. Also, preparing sequin fabrics dress takes a lot of time. It is advisable to getin touch with an apparel expert before beginning the task.

These were some important aspects that you should consider before purchasing a stretch sequin fabric. Make sure you check the transparency and stretch of every fabric before choosing one. Some fabrics like wool, knit-fabric, and lace are stretchy in nature while chiffon and organza are non-stretchy.

All we can do is share our ideas and options for the stretch sequin fabrics. You are the best person to decide the fabric texture and quality. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best sequin fabric for your dress and prove your mantel in the fashion world!

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