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Tarot Card Reading is the most powerful and ancient art that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a mystic way to find your hidden traits and know the possibilities of past, present, and future. Tarot cards channel the positive energy of the Universe which reflects in the readings and insights. It is a wonderful tool that helps you evaluate an opportunity and make the best of it. By understanding tarot card meanings, you can achieve the stability, success, and happiness you deserve.  

What Are Tarot Cards?

A Tarot deck contains 78 cards which are further divided into the Major Arcana or Minor Arcana. Each card in the deck represents a certain aspect of your life with its figurative images. These archetypal images provide insight into the deepest secrets of ones heart and mind. It can help you to know the complex relationships and get back the lost harmony. The answer or interpretation which a person receives completely depends upon the question he/she has in his mind.

Tarot Cards also offer help in spiritual healing and upliftment. It helps you to see a situation from a new perspective and view things in a new light.  Tarot card has the divine ability to transform lives and drain away all the negativity. It brings positive aura and allows you to overcome the feelings of anxiety and stress. If you are confused and not able to take decisions then the tarot card readings are perfect for you.

What is a Tarot Spread?

An accurate tarot reading allows you to get the answers and guidance over the various aspects such as love, career, finance, health and so on. For this purpose, the cards are shuffled and laid out in a particular pattern called Tarot Spread.

Tarot Spread is the quickest and easiest way to get answers to specific questions. The position of cards in the tarot spreads are defined and interprets a certain meaning. These spreads reveal your journey in relationships, career, business, and life. There are different types of spreads ranging from 3-card spread to the whole deck of 78 cards. One spread may help you to focus on the relationship or emotional matters while the other may focus on your financial crisis. The type of spread used by a tarot reader depends upon the question of the seeker. Every spread incurs different focus and is an excellent way to evaluate the different situations of life.

How Tarot Spreads Are Useful?

With different types of layouts or Tarot Spreads, you can get immediate and specific answers to your questions clearing all your doubts. It allows contemplation and provides clarity over the present as well as future circumstances. This is an ideal way to know more about yourself and get a new perspective on life. Tarot card readings allow you to focus on the traits that are required to achieve success and prosperity.

  • Tarot Spread is perhaps the most accurate way to understand the linear passage of time. Each of the positions depicts the story reflecting the reasons behind specific events. You can understand why certain events occurred and how you can plan in a better way to prevent further setbacks.
  • If you are in doubt or need clarity over the matters, Tarot spread can be your guiding light. These spreads represent your mind and spirit. It suggests the way to lead daily life and bring alignment among the conflicting thoughts.
  • A Tarot Spread provides a detailed overview of the past and future possibilities. It shares the pattern formed by the events over time and helps one to understand any complex situations.
  • It suggests improvements and reveals the weak points of your personality. A spread might not necessarily predict the future but can empower you to arrive at a hopeful and positive decision.
  • A Tarot Love Spread can prove to be a guiding light for the struggling relationships. You can know about your partners feelings or can find new ways to spruce up your love life with a spreads divine interpretations.
  • If you are confused and dont know if you should choose something or not, trust on Tarot cards. Its readings can be a straightforward and easy way to get direct yes or no.
  • A Tarot Spread can provide you some suggestions and insights on the steps you need to take to progress further. By considering the suggested approaches, you can avoid unexpected setbacks and overcome disguised fears.
  • Tarot spread can be your best advisor in terms of career and new beginnings of life. It can help you to realize the possibilities and opportunities that you need to look for.

Different Types of Tarot Spreads

There are several types of Tarot Spreads that a psychic reader uses to reflect upon the different aspects of ones life. However, the most important among them include :

True Love Spread

A True Love Spread is essentially a 6-Card Spread Tarot Reading which answers the most pressing questions about love. It can help you understand your partner better and gives you solutions of the love problems that you are facing.

Success Spread

A Success Tarot Spread talks about your financial woes and challenges. It is a 5-Card Spread Tarot Reading which reveals all your monetary aspects and throws light on the steps you need to take for a sound financial condition.

Career Path Spread

Career path spread is a 7-Card Tarot spread which reveals your path to career progress and accomplishments. It enables you to take better career decisions and lay the foundation of a secure financial future.

There are many such applications which provide you with such Tarot Spreads giving  predictions and insights. One of the most reliable and accurate among them is Tarot Life.

Tarot Life -Free Tarot Reading Application

Tarot Life is a Tarot Reading application available for free download on Android and iOS. With a team of psychic experts, this application enables you to know about the hidden aspects of your life through Tarot and Numerology. You can get guidance on love, career, money in just one click. With features like Yes/No Tarot and Ask A Question Tarot, this application has become one of the most popular Tarot Reading Applications in no time.  

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