What exactly is Email Marketing? Read Ahead

Basically using email to promote products, services and goods; a better approach is to focus on creating a relationship with potential customers on a personal level. Since email is like entering into their private life and presenting something that will interest them, so make your presence in their inbox worthwhile. Email marketing is one part of several digital marketing tools that include – social media, blogs, website etc.

Email Marketing Tricks

What exactly is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a double edged sword; when used in a manner that only creates a promotional clutter in customer’s inbox, it will end up ruining your reputation and affect sales in return.

A possible self-destructive email marketing technique is to buy email list and start sending them your promotional newsletters and what not. Keep on emailing them repeatedly until they mark it as spam. These emails usually say something along the lines of “Get certain something under certain percent off”.

Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Behavioral data that indicates what users have been interested in through their browsing habits, what they have been including in their carts more than once and several other pointers that allow you to make a custom email targeting to one customer and surprise them in their inbox.

In fact you can personalize it to an extent that includes adding special deals on their birthdays and emailing them. This creates a great relationship among your customers that will help you get that sales bar higher and also earning customer loyalty that is very important.

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Your Emails should be optimized for mobile usage, as emails are mostly viewed on their phones. Go for permission-based email marketing and do not buy lists and spam. It will only result in people getting annoyed with you and you getting recognition in the wrong way. Permission based is completely the customer’s decision and hence gives you more control over the content that you want to send, since you were given ‘consent’ to have a space in their inbox.

Some Tools To Manage Campaign Easily

Email marketing Tools

  1. Mail Chimp
  2. Vertical Response
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. Mail Gun
  5. AWeber
  6. Exact Target
  7. Icontact
  8. Campaigner
  9. Infusion Soft
  10. Get Response

Email Marketing Relevance  

Social media seems to be the “it” thing while email marketing seems to be fading and becoming irrelevant but that is not the case. Email is definitely not out there like social media platforms are, but their usage is still quite high.

According to research at least 94 percent of the people use email while 61 percent are social media users – This difference is enough to show how successful email marketing can be in generating sales, customer loyalty and trust, reputation and acknowledgement.

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Email marketing allows us to target by demographics, also providing us with several formatting possibilities while social media messages do not.


Email marketing offers more reporting on analytics, bounce rates, click though counts and more. One can never have enough of detailed reports about how their email promotions are doing and use that information to their advantage.

One major edge that email marketing has is that it is hard to miss. Social media platforms have no guarantee that your message will be seen and given attention to, since their timelines are flooded with messages, videos, gifs and memes – Yours will more likely get lost in their stream forever.

Emails however will keep that message in their inboxes marked as unread that they can later get back to customers of online shopping in Pakistan, if they find it interesting.

This leads to another point- to pour in your creativity in those email messages and try not to make every other email promotional oriented. You can be creative enough to send a nice email that is educational, tips-and-tricks and what not. So get creative, personal and have fun.

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