Easy Ways to Make Water Purifier at Home

Tap water contains a lot of impurities, and it is not always safe for consumption. Even if the water looks clean, it is not always clean and safe for drinking. Even though the best course of action is to buy a filtration system, it is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them. There might even be a situation where you need a source of drinking water. It is where a homemade water purifier can come to your rescue.

Homemade water purifiers are simple to make and very easy to maintain compared to home water filters. You can home a water purifier at home using everyday household items. But if you want to make a higher quality purifier, you can also purchase prefabricated parts from the market. Once you have completely built the purifier at home, it will guarantee safe and healthy water without investing in an expensive commercial purifier.

Basic Design:

A homemade water purifier takes in tap water and processes it so that it can be consumed safely. The basic design of a homemade purifier involves different filters meant to remove different types of contaminations. The most common water treatment method used is flocculation, but it can be difficult and expensive to build. For homemade water purifiers, the most common method used is activated carbon made from charcoal. Activated carbon has excellent absorption power and can help remove organic compounds from the water.

Things Needed and Directions:

There are two things needed for the construction of a homemade water purifier. One is a filter, and another is a bottle or container that will hold the filtered water.

Firstly, boil the water at a high temperature for about 30 minutes. Tap water contains several toxins and harmful organisms that can cause ailments. Boiling the water helps get rid of microorganisms such as bacteria, organisms, chemicals, and toxins in the water. But, it will not be enough to get rid of lead, nitrate, and other substances from the water. Next, you can use activated carbon to further make the water pure. You can purchase activated carbon in filter form online or at a local store. Put the activated carbon filter in a container and pour the water through the filter into the container. After that, secure the lid and allow the water to rest in the container for half an hour. Then, pour the water into another container.

This process should be enough for most homeowners to get clean water to drink. If you still feel that the water needs to be further purified, you can purchase a UV filter from a store. The UV filter can easily kill other bacteria and microorganisms that cannot be killed by the boiling or the activated carbon filtration process.


After passing the water from the above water purifier, you can get clear and healthy water for drinking. Even though this water purifier will not have the different features of a commercial purifier, it is an ideal way to get drinking water when you do not have the means to spend on expensive water purifiers.

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