8 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

[su_note note_color=”#fff466″]IAQ also known as then Indoor Air Quality is a very important thing which every individual should keep in mind in order to have your air conditioning, ventilation and space heating to perform very well.[/su_note]


Improving the strength of IAQ makes it sure that your home and the inner surroundings are more comfortable for the individual.


[su_quote]Also inhaling less air pollutants and dirts saves the individual from lots of medical bills and expenses.[/su_quote]


Below given are the,

Best ways to improve the Indoor Air Quality:

  1. Let More Outdoor Air In

Let More Outdoor Air In

Well if you are living in a much polluted area then doing this will not be a good step. But to be honest outdoor air is more cleaner then the air inside house which is trapped due to ventilation.


If we go by the numbers then the indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted and harmful than the air outside.


Always keep a note of that your house if ventilated in a proper manner. If the ventilation is done properly then the air pollutants and dirts will be unable to pollute the air inside the house.


There will be days and cases where you will be forced to keep your windows shut down so keep it considered.


There are many plants around your house which will throw or say will emit ample amount of pollens and dirt during the flowering season.


These pollen pollutants once found indoor can cause allergy and irritation to some individuals.


Though the air inside is more polluted than the air outside, there will be days when the air outside will be more polluted like in heavy traffic hours the pollution will be on its high.


Even our pets suffer from air pollution a lot and because of this the pet owners must make some steady actions to protect their pets from air pollution and for this they can even install best purifiers for pets and to get the best one do visit this page.


  1. Avoid Artificial Fragrances

Avoid Artificial Fragrances

Keep in mind that artificial fragrances can keep the environment nice and happy for some time but in turn these artificial air fragrances can pollute the inner air quality a lot.


Many artificial fragrances have a negative effects on the individual’s health.


But now you will say that these artificial fragrances gives the surrounding environment a pleasant smell but do you know what is the reason behind this???


The reason being is the high usage of harmful chemicals in these fragrances.


There are products like aromatic candles in the market and to be honest these candles are worst if seen from the IAQ point of view.


  1. Reconsider Before Buying Paint

Reconsider Before Buying Paint

Many Paint selling companies and stores sell the products which can cause an individual to feel irritation, dizziness, feel faint or can be harmful for their health.


Always look for the paints which are marked as “Low VOC” or “Zero VOC” as VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.


  1. Don’t Smoke Inside your House

Don’t Smoke Inside your House

Smoking inside your house is more harmhul as smoking is obviously Injurious to an individual who is smoking but it is also harmful to the people living in the house as the air pollutants will travel in their body too and because of which they indirectly will be affected by your smoking.


Ever Heard of Passive Smoking?

Confused Face


[su_note note_color=”#669fff”]The above explanation fits to Passive Smoking.[/su_note]


  1. Monitor the Quality of Air Inside House

Monitor the Quality of Air Inside House

Do you keep a track of how much energy you are consuming? Well it is always easier to save energy if you are aware of how much energy you are consuming.


Do you know the importance of above lines?

Poker Face


[su_note note_color=”#669fff”]Well this same concept or theory is applied on AIR too.[/su_note]


Once you know the importance of air inside your house you will automatically become more protective towards it.


You will find ways of keeping the air inside your house clean and for the location and places you keeps on visiting.


There are many monitoring systems which can monitor the quality of air inside your house.


These monitoring systems measures majorly 2 things which are:


The major use of these monitoring devices or systems is that if the caution level for the quality level of air in a house is reached it automatically activates the alarm and alert you about the condition.


The growth of bacteria and other dust particles increases in a humid condition therefore it is always recommended to keep the atmosphere cool and nice.


The ideal humidity which should be maintained should be ranged between 30%-60%.


  1. Radon Test

Radon Test

Always Test your house and other surrounding condition for radon.


Radon is an invisible gas which effect majorly to your lungs and cases lungs cancer.


If the radon level is high then no need to worry as it can be easily fixed too.


  1. No Leakage

Always remember that flowing water from pipes and leaks can increase the humidity in the surrounding which in turn can result in bacteria growth.


  1. No Fire

No Fire

Always avoid burning of wood or coal in your surrounding as it majorly adds air pollutants both indoors and outdoors also harming the ozone layer.


Closing Words:

Good Indoor Air Quality can boost your immune system along with your brain working and because of these reasons monitoring of air quality is highly recommended for every individual.


Make sure that in order to improve the IAQ of your house or your place then the house should get ample amount of outdoor air that too fresh.


Rest all the points have been covered in this article above.


Hope you have enjoyed reading the article and have cleared all your doubts regarding Good Indoor Air Quality.

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