5 Simple, Free and Effective Ways To Bring Tremendous Organic Traffic To Your Website

So you built a website, created a lot of pages, mentioned your products and their descriptions.

But where is the traffic?

I mean seriously you checked everything off the list,

  • An Appealing Website Name.
  • Domain.
  • Server.
  • Website Theme.
  • Product and Product Descriptions.
  • And a lot more basic stuff.

But where is the traffic?

If you did all of the above,pat yourselves on the back.

Now, I would like to introduce you to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a free and straightforward tool that helps your website rank better on Google rankings.

Well, you know that!

I won’t waste your time explaining the basic terms; I am directly jumping to what you need to know and hacks, which I gained by working around SEO.

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I have mentioned 5 steps to execute SEO efficiently and smartly to draw organic traffic to your website with helpful free tools.

Before we dig into getting you in the first 3 rankings on Google for your relevant keywords, here is how I gained the knowledge of SEO.

Using the under given tips and techniques we have helped a website named Portraitflip in increasing their website traffic and with the given tips the website has seen an increase of 31% in their DA and eventually brought more business.

Their blogs bring in a lot of traffic to their website, which looks like this today.

And they rank number 1 for their target keyword.

Portrait Flip SEO Ranking

5 Tips To Bring Organic Traffic:

(Read The Explanation For Tools & Hacks.)

Since you had a look at their blog page from the above link let’s start with the blogging hacks.

  • Blogging:


Simply create a blog section on your website and start curating and publishing relevant information in the form of blogs.

Blogging is easy to understand and execute, but you need to follow the following hacks to ensure maximum utility.

  1. Include Target & LSI Keywords.
  2. Optimize Blog Name & Description.
  3. Include Images.
  4. Include Internal Links.
  5. Click To Tweet Button.
  6. Formatting, Spacing,And Aligning.

After you are thoroughly into blogging, it is time for a gear shift!

  • Video Content:


Now that you have a pool of knowledge,its time to align with the 21st Century’s traditions of promotion.

Video Marketing!

If resources and time allow you to create video content of all the blogs which you have published on the website, it will bring loads of traffic to your site.

In my videos I asked the viewers (Who were mostly pet owners) to apply a coupon code DIW 15 to get a discount which helped me track my sales through my channel and help me decide whether to continue the channel or not.

  • BackLinking:

A simple question to you guys,

How will Google understand that you are the best and to up rank you?

If you are thinking, employees at Google sit and scan for each website’s content; you are wrong!

But if you are thinking, a program which scans website content might be trying to grasp whatever it can; you are close!

Google understands the language of (this is important!)

  • Backlinks.
  • Social Shares (Also a backlink).

A backlink is simply a link somewhere other than the parent website.

Check this amazing list of .edu backlinks 2019

How Can You Get Backlinks?

  • Social Media Sharing.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Forum Websites Like Quora & Reddit.

What Is Guest Posting?

You reach out on mail to people who cater to a common target audience or a common segment and ask them to post an article on your website with a link to their website, and in return, you do the same except you mention your link your website.

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  • Product Page Optimization:

Page Optimization

See the whole thing of SEO and Google rankings boils down to time spent on the website and to increase that you need to optimize your site in the way the target audience would like to see it.

First, let’s talk about when your page has shown up in the search results.

Here is an example of PortraitFlip, which is ranking 1st for its most searched organic keyword, which is right after the two ads.

Keyword Position 1 on Google


  • Product Name:

I kept it simple and easy to understand, remember- Clarity Over Cleverness.

  • Meta Data (First 100 Words Of Product Page):

Did you observe how Google turned bolds the text, which I searched for in the meta description area?

Well, now you know that,

You need to include keywords in the first 100 words of the Product Page to get noticed by Google.

  • Page Speed:

Remember, the time required to come to your website should not be more than 5 seconds.

You can run a check by Googleto get score, errors, and other page optimization details.

Now let’s talk about after you have landed on the product page.



  1. H1 Tag: TURN YOUR PHOTO INTO PET PORTRAITS. This, is the H1 tag title. Google always gives more priority to text in H1 tag less to H2 tag and lesser to H3 tag text.
  2. CTA: Paint My Portrait button is Call To Action button, which pushes the viewer to order.
  3. FORMATTING: The website should look neat and clean to gain confidence in the viewers’subconscious mind.
  • Listing In Local Directory Websites.

Local Directory Websites are those websitesthat hold the official right to display information about the People, Businesses, Public Utilities, etc. on a website.

Some examples include Yellow Pages, White Pages for America, etc.

Just sign up and get yourself listed their, 2 things will happen.

  1. People who are searching for the service will contact you.
  2. You will get a backlink from a reputed website.

That is it!

Increase the traffic by following these tips and get your business rolling!

All The Best!

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