Some USB-C Cables That Are Compatible with Your New MacBook Pro

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro definitely has fascinating features that compel us to love it. It is smaller, sleeker, has enhanced speakers, relatively bigger track pad, and all-new USB-C hub.


these new ports would imply that you would require purchasing some new cables. Do you wish to connect to your iPhone?

You would simply require a new cable. You could consider connecting your MacBook Pro directly to any non-thunderbolt display. You would be requiring a cable.


Here is a comprehensive list of the most commonly used cables that would probably be required by you.


RAVPower USB-C Charging and Sync Cable

Once you have shifted to the most cutting-edge USB-C MacBook, there is likelihood that you would be followed by other sync cables and USB devices. You need to invest a bit in grabbing additional sync cables and USB-C port. Everyone loves RAVPower’s 6.6ft cables as they have anodized aluminum casing, are durable, and offer superior heat dispersion.


Griffin Break-Safe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable

Apple has eliminated the MagSafe charger from its new MacBook Pro. People who are still missing the MagSafe may take a look at Griffin Break-Safe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable. It is based on the same idea. You require plugging a USB-C dongle directly into the laptop. It is supposed to connect magnetically to a power cable.  This power cable will come in handy if you are having a USB-C hub for MacBook Pro.


Anker USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable

Are you thinking of plugging in your previous external hard drive? Or do you wish to plug some other typical USB accessory into the MacBook Pro? You would be requiring any one of the Anker USB-C-USB 3.0 Cables.  This cable effectively transfers data speedily up to speeds as high as 5 GBPS.


Cable Matters USB-C to Micro USB Cable

This cable would be allowing you to attach micro USB devices directly to the MacBook. This would be including smartphones, battery packs, and even the cable supports. Now data transfers are occurring at speeds as high as 480 MBPS. This cable boasts of a strong braided cloth jacket type of a design for boosting longevity. It comes with an impressive lifetime warranty along with product support.


Cable Matters USB-C to Mini USB Cable

Mini USB cable is the relatively thicker and older version of the micro USB. It is still very much in use in a number of devices for both charging, as well as, syncing. We know that the Yeti microphone boasts of a mini USB connector and even the old PS3 controllers have a mini USB cable connector. This cable usually promises both a lifetime warranty, as well as, support.


Choetech USB-C to HDMI Cable

The Choetech USB-C to HDMI Cable would be effectively connecting any USB-C device such as the new MacBook Pro to any of the HDMI displays. It would be supporting streaming 4K content. It would be effectively delivering audio through HDMI 1.4 interface. This cable offers an impressive 18-month warranty along with customer support and service.


Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable is required if you are thinking of plugging in an iPhone to a new MacBook Pro. This cable is quite effective in fast charging the iPad Pro. Moreover, this cable has been manufactured by Apple.



Now that you know about the different cables that could come in handy while using the Apple’s MacBook Pro, you may choose the ones that you would be requiring as none of these cables are exorbitantly priced. These cables make working with Apple MacBook Pro a worthwhile effort.


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