7 Unique Instagram Caption Ideas for Marketers in 2022

Instagram has evolved from a community and hangout platform to one of the best marketing platforms. As such, behemoth companies are leveraging the potential of Instagram in a bid to be the cream of the crop.

With over 1 billion users, it’s no brainer that utilizing this platform can be rewarding to your business. However, not all companies use it as needed. Most think followers are the thing, but, that is far from the truth.

It is the level of engagement – the number of likes, comments, and click-through rates that matter. And one of the easiest ways to go about it is the creation of Instagram captions.

Don’t know how to write an Instagram caption? You are in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to write captivating, engaging, and converting Instagram captions for your business.

Let’s get started!

Why are captions crucial in Instagram marketing?

In most cases, regular posts are bland and seem to resemble each other. However, captions allow you to spice up your content by adding emojis, humor, and a bit of human touch. This resonates very well with your followers.

In fact, more than 82% of customers tend to resonate with content that includes captions. Now, let’s see how you can come up with Instagram caption ideas for business.

1. Decide on The Length of The Caption

Instagram captions

Ideally, a caption should include a maximum of 2,200 characters coupled with 30 hashtags. Most marketing gurus say that there is no right or wrong caption length. A caption can be short and straight to the point while a long caption can be more in-depth. Both work well depending on the type of content.

That is if one sentence can put the message across, stick to that. If it’ll take a couple of paragraphs, then it’s wise erring on a long caption. Overall, users prefer short text since they are more intuned to photos and videos. So, aim for a short paragraph.

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2. Tell Stories To Capture Attention

This is another simple way of how to write Instagram caption. Stories usually arouse emotions in most readers, regardless of the platform. They, therefore, make stellar Instagram caption ideas for business. You can either tell a real story or create a fictional story.

You can also share stories of past clients or an event. Make sure that the story is within the context of your product or service. You can jazz it up with emojis and questions. The idea here is to arouse emotions and entertain your audience. In the end, your captions will stand out from the crowd.

3. Include Questions and Call To Action

Instagram Call to action

Each caption should have a driving force behind it, which is a goal. What do you want to achieve? It could be followers visiting your website, entering a contest, or sharing a post with friends. Whichever the case, the goal dictates the type of call to action.

CTAs tell your audience what they should do. Another simple yet effective Instagram caption ideas for business is to ask questions. You can ask questions like, which was your best tip? Which recipe will you try out tonight? Etc. CTAs and questions are brilliant ideas that can improve post engagement.

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4. Show Behind The Scene Moments

If you are wondering how to write Instagram caption, then you can try incorporating behind the scenes. This can include showing off your staff. While this does not necessarily drive sales, it humanizes your company. Besides, it significantly drives engagement.

For example, you can share a picture of your company’s staff when celebrating an achievement. Not only will your followers like it, but it will build the morale of your employees. You should, however, practice caution when sharing photos of your staff since people might scroll through.

5. Use Emojis

Instagram Emojis

Populating your caption with emojis is a recipe of encouraging engagement in your posts. An excellent part to place your emojis is at the end of a sentence or paragraph. You can use them to lead your audience to take action.

However, ensure that the emojis correspond with the tone of your branding. You do not want to use emojis that conflict with each other. Likewise, you should limit the number of emojis used. If captions appear as if they are coded with many emojis, readers are likely to avoid your post. There are numerous emoji guides out there, refer to them.

6. Use Hashtags

Like emojis, hashtags are brilliant Instagram caption ideas for business. They allow you to reach audiences that you’d otherwise not reached. They make your posts searchable since they act as keywords. While most brands use them at the end of the caption, sprinkling them in your caption is also ideal.

You should use a mixture of branded, industry, and popular hashtags. They will make the business more searchable. To get an idea of which ones to use, you can use those used by competitors, industry leaders, and influencers.

7. Use Short Paragraphs

Well, if your caption will be one paragraph long or more, few of your followers will stick around. As such, you’ll need to divide it into short, digestible paragraphs. You should be cautious when uploading captions online since Instagram has a unique formatting style.

That is, when you upload your content, spaces and emojis are often deleted. To avoid such, simply click the backspace when done with a paragraph and tap the return key. Besides, you can use bullets, numbers, or dashes. The point is to make your content digestible.

Over To You

Those are some of the best Instagram caption ideas for business that you can play around with. Although the process is time-consuming, it is worth the effort since such content builds engagement and improves conversion rates.

Now, since you know how to write caption for business, go ahead and try the above tips and let us know which tip works best for you in the comment section below.

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