What is the Use of Surveillance System?

Surveillance systems are those video cameras which are used to monitor a particular area.


The area may be related to a residential or commercial or business area. Usually, these are connected to a recording device or IP network that the security guard or any officer who is protecting the law can watch.


Typically, any surveillance system is meant to observe any unusual movements.


But there are many types of surveillance systems which prove to be effective only when they get used in an inappropriate place.


Surveillance systems are expensive, and if the purpose of installing the system is not clear, then there is no point in spending money on the systems.



There are two types of surveillance systems, namely:


  1. Outdoor surveillance systems:

The security cameras which can get installed outside the property premises are outdoor surveillance systems.  These are mainly used to view the movements around the property premises.


It can get installed in independent houses or residential colony or outside the business premises.


The primary objective of establishing this type of system is to monitor the surroundings of the property.  These systems have facilities like weatherproof and can easily record in all light conditions (whether day or night).


These can usually be used to monitor large areas.


Even cameras with motion detection come under outdoor surveillance systems.  These systems trigger the video recording once it detects any unusual movements in the surroundings of the property.


Cities like Philadelphia require public surveillance.


That is because, as the city is bigger, having control over the law will be difficult, so if a surveillance system is installed in the streets of the city then, the law enforcement officer who is always watching the video recording can easily monitor and take necessary action in case of an unusual thing. You can purchase a Surveillance Camera Philadelphia online.



Some of the surveillance systems useful for investigations by law enforcement officer:

  • Hidden Cameras:

Hidden Cameras

These come in smaller sizes enabling the person carrying it to record without the notice of the other person.  These are helpful when you want to spy on an individual without their knowledge.


  • Videos:

The videos recorded through the camera installed inside or outside the premises will have use at its best in investigations. The surveillance systems like video recording prove to be very helpful in intrusive surveillance. When an inspection is to be carried out about a crime that has taken place in the residential property, the presence of a person or a vehicle at the property premises has to be detected, it is called intrusive surveillance.


  • Photos:

Whenever a crime takes place, the investigation team comes along with a photographer who takes pictures of each corner of the crime site.  That is the most common practice followed from ancient days.


  1. Indoor surveillance systems:

These are the systems for installing inside the property premises. They do not cover the premises outside the property.


Whatever it is, a system can be rated five stars only if it works out well. In spite of having many surveillance systems, nowadays, controlling crimes has become impossible.


It requires a lot of courage to analyze the situation and manage the crime even before it takes place.

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