5 Great Ways to Turn Your Old iPhone into Money

With the arrival of the advancement made in the mobile technology, Apple Inc. is one of the most reputable mobile manufacturers coming up with some latest versions of iPhone every year.

Millions of iPhone fans love to keep themselves abreast with the latest technology because of the reason that something more advanced and extra features has been launched in the latest models.

When new iPhone versions come into the market, people prefer to replace their old iPhones to the new one as their old phones lose the charm.

Money making from old phone

So, what is supposed to do in such a situation? There are many who prefer keeping the old handset as a backup when they upgrade their iPhone.

But what they dont realize is that its feasible to dispose of the old phone on rather than continuing its use. Some people dump their old unwanted iPhones into the trash cans which is a big no-no.

This is because of the fact that an iPhone contains harmful substances which can prove to be hazardous to both the environment and human beings.


Then, what is the best thing to do with your old iPhone?

The answer is quite simple, SELL YOUR IPHONE!


The worst thing that can happen to an old and unwanted iPhone is to throw it in a bin destined for a landfill. Then, why not sell it and receive some cash?

It is well documented that like many other mobile phones, iPhones also contain harmful chemicals, so you should sell your old device and do your little bit for the environment too.

Hence, now the question is that

How you can turn your old iPhone into cash?

I am here again to tell you some of the best ways to make money from your old iPhone.


  • Consider iPhone Upgrade Program


If you are thinking of upgrading your iPhone without disturbing your regular budget, you may consider iPhone Upgrade Program. This allows you to trade in your current iPhone and upgrade a new iPhone with 12 months payment plan. Apple Care+ is also included in your monthly payments, from Screen damage to liquid damage, and accidental drops.

Apple iPhone upgrade program is a full package that benefits you a lot. By opting for it, you can cut off the cost of your new handset as well as you have no need to go outside to sell your old iPhone. You get your hands on your favorite latest model with the replacement of your old iPhone and pay the remaining cost on a monthly installment basis.


  • Sell Your Old iPhone to Auction Website

good money

A good thing that theres the internet where you can find a lot of auction sites that enable you to sell your iPhone for cash. You may put up a free ad on a reputable auction site such as eBay and turn your iPhone into cash easily.

But be mindful that when you sell your iPhone through eBay, they take a small percentage of money from the sale that will minimize your cash amount. So, dont forget to read the terms and conditions! It will help you to make your iPhone selling favorable.


  • Sell Your iPhone Yourself

If you dont want to take any risk by selling your iPhone through an auction site then you may also try to sell your handset yourself. For instance, you can post on different social media forums about the sale of an iPhone and find a buyer interested in getting your phone at your offered price. Additionally, you can also post a free advert on free ad forums and free classified sites to make money in exchange for your unwanted iPhone.

Old iPhone to money

  • Donate Your Old iPhone to Charity

You can also turn your iPhone into cash by donating it to charity. There are many great organizations in the UK which accept old iPhone as donations. You can find the trusted one for making a donation. When you contact them, they will turn your phones value into cash that you can donate to one of the popular charitable organizations that aim to provide essential items to needy people.


  • Sell/Recycle Your iPhone to a Phone Recycling Company

Last but not the least, this is the most obvious option on this list. With the introduction of mobile phone recycling companies, people are getting aware on how mobile phone recycling is important to maintain a green environment in the country.

Such kind of companies now offering their services online at free of cost; they buy old and unwanted mobile phones to all brands including Apple iPhones and then recycle them in an Eco-friendly way. If you have a non-working or broken iPhone, it is also acceptable to some recycling firms.

Therefore, when you sell your iPhone to a recycler, you will not only get some cash in return but also take a part in promoting the green environment. So, give a must try to this option.


Why dont turn your iPhone into cash by selling it to a recycling site rather than discarding it? Do you think that you should compare mobile recycling websites?

As there are lots of mobile recycling websites, its a must that you do a detailed price comparison among them so that you can find the best one that can pay a decent amount of money in return. Performing a mobile phone recycling comparison is relatively effortless as it does not take much time and efforts when you do it through a comparison site.

If you choose to sell your iPhone on a particular comparison website, all you have to do is to search for your iPhone model. Once you enter your phone details into the search bar or select your handset from the menu, a list of recent offerings of top recyclers will be presented at one place by making a quick comparison.

Then, you just have to pick up the top deal and confirm your sale. You will get paid the same day when the recycler collects your device.

So, it is a highly recommended way to get cash in exchange for your old iPhone. It can save you time and hassle and get the most money for your old unwanted iPhone while helping the environment in one.

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