Top 5 Summer Grilling Ideas, Options and Recipes

What’s on your grill this summer?

Summer is here! Who doesn’t love to grill during the long summer evenings or host a weekend, family barbeque? Whether you’ve gathered with family or friends, grilling is a great way to prove your cooking process. There are so many options to impress.

We’ve checked out some great choices that will have your guests wanting seconds.


Yes, chicken might sound boring, but it’s one of the most versatile meats out there for grilling. There are so many marinade options. You can choose from citrus, soy, tamarind, and peanut, just to name a few. The spices that work well with chicken are also wide-ranged. Lemongrass, turmeric, cilantro, and classic rosemary will spice up any chicken dish.

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You can serve chicken in different ways to suit your grilling needs. You can go for the perfect chicken breast or leg, but there are so many other choices. How about a chicken burger? Sausages are easy to find already seasoned and simple to grill.

Why not try souvlaki? Cook it straight up or mix some veggies between chicken pieces. If you don’t have a lot of time, companies like D&D Poultry offer some options that come already marinated.

  • Hot Dogs

Again, a common-sounding choice. We all have fond memories of eating hot dogs during the summer months as children. You can go with ketchup and mustard, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hotdogs are comfort food. But, we’re adults now. Let’s class that childhood favorite up!

Try using prosciutto instead of bacon with pesto, mozzarella, and marinated artichoke hearts. Your guests will never know what hit them! Another twist on topping choice is loaded buffalo. Load them up with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and green onions. We all love buffalo wings, why not give these a try? It’ll blow everyone away.

  • Lamb

Lamb chops are easy to cook on the grill and make you look like a superhero. Plus, they take marinade as well as chicken. The traditional method to cook lamb is with rosemary, but there are so many other options to try.

You can try Greek balsamic, lemon-garlic, or cumin, honey, and mint. Serve it with Hasselback potatoes or couscous. Jaw-droppingly delicious and so juicy.

  • Salmon


Salmon is one of the quickest cooking meats to please your hungry guests fast. Plus, salmon goes with everything! You can choose a filet or steak, but watch out for bones! Even a fillet can hide a bone in there every now and again.

Salmon has a variety of ways to grill it. Place it straight on the grill, skin side down until almost finished. Then flip for those marvelous grill marks we all love. Put it in foil with some onions and veggies for easy, single-serving packs.

If you’re not in a hurry, try grilling with a cedar plank. Be sure to soak the plank in salted water for at least two hours before cooking. This method of cooking may take a bit longer but is well worth it.

Cedar adds fantastic flavor to your dinner as well as a fantastic aroma while on the barbeque. It also allows you to enjoy a cocktail with your guests without having to check on dinner continually .

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  • Veggies


For those of you who are vegetarian or practice meatless Mondays, here are some non-meat based options.

Grilled corn. Yes, grilled corn. Everyone loves the peaches and cream variety. We tend to view it as just a side dish, but with the proper sides, there’s no reason it can’t take center stage on your plate! Some potato salad and greens and you’re done! Mix it up by adding cheddar and ranch dressing to the cob. Your friends will thank you!

Asparagus cooks quickly, is delicious, and the perfect summer choice for grilling. Most consider this a side dish too, but its versatility is well known. It’s readily available in summer seasons to make it a top choice for grilling! Add classic Caesar flavoring for more enhancement.

Do you know those giant mushrooms in the grocery store that looks like an umbrella? Are you not sure what they are? Those are portabella mushrooms! They can take the place of steak or a burger. Marinate them and enjoy their steak-like consistency.

Summer Loves a Grill

No matter the occasion or your guests, you can broaden your grill range from hamburgers and hot dogs. If you’re relaxing or hosting a family reunion, it’s easy to impress your family and friends with a few, simple additions to your repertoire. Whether you’re into salt and pepper or something more exotic, the barbeque makes the best tasting dinners. Let the grilling begin!

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