Top 5 Reasons to Consider Menstrual Cups

Like the rest of the women out there, you too may wonder about considering a menstrual cup, right? The same question popped up in my mind when I first heard about it as well.


However, I could not rush to use them at that time.


And, now,


when I started to use it, I regret why I did not know about it before. Like me, you will find a number of reasons to consider menstrual cups during the period once you try.


Now, let me share you the


Top 5 Reasons to Consider Menstrual Cups in the following:


1. Eco-Friendly:

Women menstruate for approximately 35 to 40 years in their lifetime. The number of sanitary pads or tampons they use is generally 10 thousand or more which is indeed a huge amount, right? The pad itself alone is not problematic for the ecosystem.

However, the plastics, tampon sleeves etc. that come with pads and tampons are equally harmful to nature. So, it becomes your duty not to harm the eco-system and use an eco-friendly product during your days. And, I bet, nothing can be better than the menstrual cups in this case.




2. Prevents Leakage:

Menstrual cups are made of high-quality silicon. You can wear it up to 12 hours at a stretch as it is adjustable to the body temperature. It can accommodate up to 30 ml of liquid preventing any leakage. However, if you have heavy flow then you may need to put on an extra pad for safety or go for a bit larger caps for your heavy-flow days.


3. Considerably Safe:

Pads and tampons may contain harmful chemicals and synthetic products that are not good for your overall health. It may cause irritation, dryness, and itching if you put on pads for a long time, right? But menstrual cups are completely safe in this case.

Instead of absorbing the menstrual blood, these cups collect it. And, they are hypoallergenic and come with a latex-free formula to take care of your safety issues.


4. Reusable and Easy to Use:

You cannot reuse your pad or tampon more than once, isn’t? But menstrual pads are great and reusable. Yes, you can reuse it until it breaks off or is torn, though the possibility is very less. You can use a cup for 8 to 10 years easily. It is not hard to use once you get to know how to do it. It is also very easy to use, clean, and store for the next usage.


5. Saves Money:

If you use sanitary pads or tampons, you have to buy at least one packet each month, right? If your flow is heavy then you may need an extra packet as well. The price of these pads varies on the basis of quality and you have to spend a lot of money just to ensure you are using the best one, isn’t?


But, if you go for a reusable menstrual cup, your overall cost will be decreased significantly as they are pocket-friendly and you have the option to reuse it every time. So, you won’t have to repurchase every month.

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