Top 5 Best SEO Strategies you should know in 2020

SEO having a great year of experiencing in 2019, this year tends to improve their results.

Our team working at SEO hacker, helped our biggest clients to experience what is like to be on top of search ranking making their sites more accessible and user-friendly towards consumers.

They have likely to improve their consumers through enhanced search engines, ease of access and social media platforms because of our efforts.

The critical steps involving significant achievement could not be possible without effective SEO strategies and practice available.

Talking about SEO strategy, it is combination of hard work and risky at each point. Even sometimes strategies are too unique to be applied as it could be risk taking if not done properly.

Keeping that in mind, there are some

SEO strategies you must dare to try this 2020.

  • Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization

Voice search has been always looked as the technology which reflects the idea of technology. Observing the facts, voice searches in 2016 was accounted for more than 20% of internet searches worldwide, which describes why it is important to focus on it as quickly as possible.

Now coming around to the fact of how to use it, well this links with a fact that majority of voice searches contains question which depicts that your keywords must contain actual sentences instead of some words or phrases alone, as sentences or combination of phrases helps search engines to identify what they are looking for and thus helps them to be diverted towards your content making them your consumer.

To let voice-based searches be helpful, you must let your content seen in Googles featured snippet, such sites are more favored by Google in getting instant results.

  • Use more supportive long keywords

Using Long Tailed Keywords

On the topic of using supportive long tailed keywords, it generates less traffic in searches and also it has better relevant search rate.

Despite the fact that shorter keywords filter results but it is not comparable to long sentences based on specific keywords which filter more effectively.

It provides accurate information towards consumer.

It does not tends to convince for the fact that these are more useful than short keywords but it tends to have cheap cost per click with having a good size of search volume available.

Using sound based link strategy along with this to make your rank of site much higher in search results.

  • Mobile Consumers

Mobile Consumers

People using mobile devices has increased by a greater multiple over past few years and as Google focusing on mobile search index, the importance of mobile devices for using it for searches has increased by a great deal.

This brings us to the fact that soon mobile devices will be considered the most important for searches. This means websites should be optimized to be running effectively on mobile devices

The first step towards optimizing your webpage content is applying for responsive design into your webpage. This helps to improve navigation on your website and will prolong the stay of consumer on your site.

With providing a change in your websites code, to be compatible towards converting from mobile to desktop view which will definitely improve user experience.

You can create an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for your own website which will increase the performance by reducing loading time.

  • Holding Position 0(ZERO Position)

Holding Position 0

The position on a Google search page which is the most important is Position 0.

This is the position responsible for providing information to the users, Google makes sure that information is provided as soon as possible. Being on first page of google surely gives you a lead in search options comparable to others

This option can be used to improve search options as users always require their answer to be quick and relevant which brings us to the solutions by providing answers to some questions including something what, where or who etc.

Which would surely push your website search to closer to the top. This all idea could also be helpful improving your results of voice searches which always is a plus point for your webpage. Using readable URL is also recommended on your site.

  • Video Content publicity

Video Content publicity

Today people are more focused on observing the ideas  accessing video contents rather than reading about it through blogs all by themselves which leads us to another aspect which could enhance your level of search.

Video content is considered to be important more than ever as users happens to search on YouTube even before using Google which makes it 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Using videos for publicity of your site and its content is now preferred by the users. Video creation and production is a bit different from other options but definitely more persuasive when it comes about the users state of mind.

SEO-friendly videos are recommended which includes quality of video and sound to be perfect describing your ideas as Google shows videos from YouTube in search results.

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