Top 10 Best Android TV Box of 2018

What is the best Android TV box that I can use today?

This is a question that baffles many people because there are broad categories of androids TV boxes. Before you buy an android TV box, you need to put its technical features into great consideration.


Android TV boxes have diverse factors and functions which you should consider.


However, in this article,


We are going to learn more about the world’s best Android TV.


  1. Xiaomi Mi Tv Box

If you have budget constraints and you want an Android TV box which will serve you, then you should go for xiami mi tv box. It has a remote control, voice commands, and the microphones. Also, it is approved by play 4K content on Netflix, and therefore it is genuine. Also, it is easy to use since it has simplified features.

  • Has 2GB RAM and 8GB internal memory
  • It is android 6.0 and therefore supports 4K
  • HDR at 60fps
  • A 2.0 USB port.
  • Has 4.1 Bluetooth and supports EDR
  • connections
  • Has 5G WIFI.
  • It is four core processor of 64-bit


  1. Amazon fire TV stick

Some people argue that this is not a complete android box. However, it has been found to perform as an android in areas of streaming contents from Amazon videos. It also streams videos from Netflix, movie star among others. It is easy to use because it only has a few applications.

  • Has 1 GB RAM and 8GB storage
  • Has HDMI output and 4.1 Bluetooth
  • Resolution of1080p to 60fps
  • Has quad-core CPU and processor of 1.3 GHz


  1. A5X MAX

It is of Asian origin, and it is the most potent android tv known. It has a RAM of 4 GB and internal space of 32GB. This makes it stand out as there is no other box which has such features. It is suitable for storing photos, videos, music, and emulators.

  • Has two USB port, Ethernet port, HDMI slot and sd card slot
  • Has 3328  quadcore CPU
  • It supports video outputs in 4k
  • Has 8.1 android
  • Has 64-bit processor


  1. Tanix TX28 TV Box

This is an android tv box which has an elegant design and also has a small LED screen. It is known because it has the best signals courtesy of its wifi antenna. Its signals are stable even when the router is at a distance.


  • It has 7.1 androids with 32 GB internal storage
  • Has native decoding of H.265
  • Has wifi which supports both 2.4G AND 5G
  • Has two USB port, Ethernet port, HDMI slot and sd card slot
  • HAS 4gb RAM
  • Octa-core CPU with 1.5 GHz processor


  1. Nvidia shield Android TV.

This is an android tv box which is best in a streaming video game. However, it functions as an Android TV box correctly. Its design is compatible with the most of streaming applications which makes it easy to use.


  • Has a Nvidia X1 processor
  • Has an internal memory of 16GB and 3GB RAM
  • Has 7.0 android version
  • It supports Nvidia GeForce now.
  • Mm


  1. Khadas VIM2 Max TV Box

This tv box can comfortably work with the android in standard TVs, or one can install UBUNTU or OPEN LIFE and still work with it. It is, therefore, the best device for those who want fun for leisure


  • It has a programmable MCU
  • Has 4-bit 4k decoder and Mali-T820 GPU
  • 64 GB internal space and 2 by 2 WIFI
  • OCTA CORE CPU with 1.5 GHz processor


  1. VIDEN W2 Smart TV Box

This is the best android tv box currently. It is best for playing multimedia contents from external memory. You can also stream youtube videos, and you can also use it to surf the internet.

VIDEN W2 Smart TV Box

  • Has a quad-core S905W Amlogic processor
  • Has a 2GB RAM and internal space of 16GB
  • Has 2 USB ports and reproduction of 4K UHD
  • Has an H.265 native decoding


  1. Alfawise H96PRO+

This is a Chinese best android tv box which works wonderfully, and as a result, it has attracted many people. However, it does not develop high-end devices but works efficiently in the middle range.

Alfawise H96PRO+

  • Has a 3GB RAM and internal space of 32GB
  • Has an octa-core S905W Amlogic processor of 2.0 GHz
  • Has 7.0 android version
  • Has native decoding of H.265 and HDR
  • Has two USB port, Ethernet port, HDMI slot and sd card slot


  1. Beelink GT1 Ultimate

This is one of the best android tv box manufactured by the beelink company. It is also known as a box with serial root, and its features

  • include 3GB RAM DDR4,
  • octa-core processor of Amlogic S912.
  • It is also best in streaming of games since it has an internal storage of 32GB.



This is the latest tv box on the market, and I can confirm that it is doing wonders. It is portable and therefore easy to use since you can easily move with it anywhere that you wish. It has everything that you need including wifi antenna for surfing.

  • Has 4.0 Bluetooth and duo wifi which can support 2.4G and 5G
  • Has two USB port, Ethernet port, HDMI slot and sd card slot
  • HAS Mali-T820 GPU
  • It is 7.1 android version.

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