Tips to Brighten Up your Office Space

Every office becomes kind of bland after a while, familiar surroundings tend to make us complacent and lethargic. It makes perfect sense to change things around every couple of months, if possible, which can be done with interchangeable partitions and if you’re stuck for a few ideas to brighten up your office, here are a few tips.

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1. PMA Quotes

There are so many positive quotations that are suitable for a business environment; a Google search will take you to a wall art supplier, where you can browse until you find messages that inspire. Having a few profound statements handed in the office would have a subconscious effect on your staff; being surrounded by positive content does have an impact on team morale – let your team choose the quotes for an even better outcome.

2. Change Old Furniture

Let’s face it, desks and chairs have a lifespan and it is advisable to replace old stuff before it becomes an issue. Check out Danny’s office furniture, which is good quality and inexpensive, plus they’ll deliver to any address in Australia and assemble the furniture in your office; you can’t really get any better than that! You can find corner and straight workstations and with some decent quality ergonomic office chairs, your staff will feel fresher and who doesn’t like new furniture? The great thing about shopping for office furniture online is you can easily compare prices and products; Google is your best friend when it comes to sourcing things you need. Don’t buy cheap furniture as you will have to repeat the exercise a couple of years down the road.

3. Artificial Plants

Talk to a local flower shop, as they would supply businesses with indoor plants that are suitable for an office. If you let a 3rd party handle this, you could go for the real thing, choosing species that thrive indoors and require minimal care and attention. The supplier can change them every few months, to bring in a new look. Introducing some greenery will make the working environment look and feel healthier; we all need a connection with nature.

4. Abolish Dress Codes

Before you shriek in horror, think about why top tech companies have virtually no rules when it comes to office employees; the more freedom you give, the more responsibility your employees will assume. If your staff don’t have to meet clients, why shouldn’t they come to work in a comfortable track suit or jeans and T-shirt? When people feel comfortable, they tend to perform better, which is a win-win for everyone. Some of your staff will get creative and wear outrageous stuff, which is fine. On the subject of HR, here are a few reasons to use a recruitment agency. Why not let your office workers bring their pet to work? As long as it doesn’t impact the daily activities, you can be very free and easy about rules in the office.

5. Go Abstract

Why not get creative and have a central art piece at the reception area of your office? It could be a combination of shapes, painted in appropriate colours to add some depth to the area. There are lots of amazing photos you can find with Google Images to give you some inspiration for abstract office art.

Why not call a short meeting with all the office workers and ask them for suggestions to brighten up the work environment? This promotes ownership and makes your workers feel that you value their opinions.

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