Top Tips for Ukulele Beginners

If you’ve decided to start playing the ukulele, there are a number of things you should know. Ukulele it’s a great small musical instrument, it’s cheap and you can learn how to play it quite easily. It resembles guitar, and you can carry it with you easily.


You can find it in different sizes in the market; just select the one to suit your preferences and your hand size. Learning to play it, like any other instrument, can give you happiness and you can also enjoy playing it with your friends.


The following are some top tips for Ukulele beginners.


  • Join a Ukulele Class

It can be difficult to learn playing the Ukulele by yourself, via You Tube or from a book. So, it’s better to get some lessons. For instance, you can join a class in your neighborhood to help you get started.


A professional can help you start the right way; she/he can give you the right guidance and he can teach you how to read the chords, how to hold your small instrument the right way and he can always fix your mistakes.


  • Find the Right Position to hold it

Ukulele is a lightweight instrument, which means that you need to find the right position for you to hold it.


This will help you to generate good sounds and not making a lot of mistakes. You can learn to play it while standing or sitting; it’s up to you.


Just remember that it’s better to sit down while you are playing it, especially when you are a beginner. This way you are going to have more stability and you will be able to balance your small instrument more easily.


Just remember to sit in an upright position, keep your back straight and try not to hold it too tight; you need to be relaxed, in order to be able to product good sounds and find the right rhythm.


  • Learn the Proper Chords

At the beginning, you can start by learning the basic chords. For example, you can start with minors, majors and then move on with the rest chords. Keep in mind that a chord chard is very important if you are just starting playing this amazing musical instrument; it can help you see the shapes visually.


These include various chords, like the open chords, among other. Even the G’ major chord (which requires just 3 fingers) is easy for beginners, but you need to do it the right way. If you learn to play the chords the right way, then you will be able to play any kind of song you like easily.


  • Practice Slowly & Be Patient

You need to practice slowly, especially at the beginning and try not to repeat the same mistakes again. You need to be patient until you know to read the chords, manage your fingers correctly and find your own posture.


If you don’t rush to learn to play your songs, you are going to feel more confident to produce the right sounds. Take your time when practicing to understand your mistakes and correct them.


  • Learn to Read Music Theory

If you want to play the ukulele the right way, you need to be able also to learn about music theory. It’s very important to learn the language of music; this can help you be a better musician in the future.


By learning the basic theory of music from, you can experiment more when you are playing your ukulele. This can help you produce your own songs much easier.


  • Develop your own Ukulele Techniques

By practicing, you can start developing your own techniques. For instance, you can learn strumming different patterns, in order to improve your sounds.


As you learn to play your instrument better, you can speed up each time. You can start by playing easy versions with simple techniques of your favourite songs on the ukulele.


Just follow the basic steps you already learned and each time try to implement your own techniques to make your music more interesting.


Play the Ukulele to Relax & Have Fun

Enjoy some quality time by yourself or with friends by playing this amazing musical instrument. Just remember to give your arms and mind a small break once in a while when you play it; take 4-5 minutes off to relax a little bit. This will help you ingrain certain repetitive movements, without playing for many hours and get tired. All you need to do is enjoy it and have fun.

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