Best 5 Tips to Mining for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the various ways that you can acquire digital currency in addition to buying and receiving payments in cryptocurrency.

In order to mine profitably, it’s imperative that you identify a valuable coin that does not require specialized mining equipment and does not consume a lot of energy.

The key to mining profitably is keeping the energy costs as low as possible and using low cost and efficient machinery that you can get at

Here are 5 tips that you can adhere to when mining these coins.

Cryptocurrency mining

  1. Identify the Coin/s You Want to Mine

Not all coins are mineable, and even those that are, not all are profitable. Before you embark on your mining business, try and identify the mineable coins and those that will leave you with good profit after expenses.

Coins are usually listed on exchanges for trading.

These exchanges can give you a good overview of what to expect after acquiring the coins. If a particular coin has high liquidity and requires less energy and low-cost mining equipment, then you can opt for such.

  1. Mining Equipment

The equipment you are going to use is an imperative consideration in crypto mining. Coins such as Bitcoins now require highly specialized apparatus and a lot of energy to mine considering the current mining difficulty.

With the price of Bitcoin especially shooting downwards, it might be unprofitable to invest in such.

There are other coins, however, that only require ordinary computers and GPUs to mine and are doing fine on the market.

Make sure that you have the right equipment for the right coin and is cost effective. You may want to go for a machine that can mine several different coins.

  1. Consider Block Reward

Block reward refers to compensation miners get for securing a blockchain network. These blocks have a fixed amount of coins that miners get after a fixed time period.

Different blockchains offer different amount of coins per every block reward.

It is important to consider this vis-à-vis the price of that particular coin. You can find some networks offering a high number of coins but whose price on the exchanges is poor, while others offer less but sell at a higher price.

Identify one that offers you a balance between your expenses and expected returns.

  1. You Can Join a Mining Pool

Instead of investing in the expensive mining machines only to end up making substantial losses, you can instead join a mining pool where you purchase hashing power and earn interest from the same.

Carry out due diligence and identify a reputable company from who you can rent hashing power and avoid buying and setting up expensive machines and consuming a lot of energy.

Even then, check the ratings of those pools to avoid falling into a scam.

  1. Identify Suitable Wallets

Cryptocurrencies are not only volatile, but also prone to hackers. While mining, it is important that you have your coins stored safely where hackers cannot have easy access.

Otherwise, you might just end up doing zero work. There are mobile, desktop and hardware wallets. Depending on what you want to do with your coins, it is good that you have them stored in a wallet, preferably a hardware one that is not connected to the internet.

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