Tips for A Successful First Weed-Cation

As more and more destinations legalize cannabis for recreational use, more and more travelers have the opportunity to sample that sticky green herb while they are on vacation. However, a weed-cation isn’t as easy to enjoy as it might seem most cities place restrictions on how much bud you can buy, which dispensaries can serve you and where you can consume your cannabis.

These rules can make it remarkably difficult for tourists to get away with getting high.

If you fully intend to buy weed and use it during your next trip, you need to plan ahead. Here are a few tips for a successful first weed-cation.

Determine The Dankest Destination

Back when only a handful of states had legalized cannabis for recreational consumption, essentially every city with adult use regulations became a prime vacation destination for canna-connoisseurs.

Today, that isn’t necessarily the case. Because more and more states are updating their cannabis policies, weed-cationers have more options than ever — which means you have the opportunity to select a destination that best suits your travel (and consumption) style.

Generally, the dankest destinations for cannabis consumption have a few qualities in common:

Cannabis-friendly Community

A destination should have a strong weed culture and a community that is accommodating of cannabis use. Most big cities along the West Coast tend to be exceedingly weed-friendly; San Francisco and Portland, for example, are world-renowned for their widespread weed use.

A city’s welcoming attitude toward weed means it will be easier for you to find dispensaries and 420-friendly accommodations, and you are more likely to encounter smiling faces when you are sky-high.

Walkable Attractions

You don’t want to be cooped up in your accommodations during your weed-cation — but you also don’t want to be forced to navigate a public transit system or (much worse) drive while high. The best solution is a destination that has enough attractions in one area that you can walk to and from them without hassle.

Fortunately, many of the most walkable cities, like New York and Chicago, have legal weed now.

Learn The Laws

Even when you know a destination has legal weed, you need to take the time to review the letter of the law. Most states build slight variations into their cannabis policies — like how much bud you are able to buy at one time — and sometimes, cities can institute different regulations within their states. The result can be a patchwork of laws even within one metropolitan zone, as happens in Denver. Elsewhere, like Massachusetts, marijuana is legal in the big cities but more rural towns have permanent bans. Because you don’t want to be caught in the wrong place with the wrong amount of pot, you need to know the law before your trip.

Book a Bud-friendly Bed

Almost everywhere, public consumption of cannabis is prohibited. Thus, you need to have a private place where you can toke without getting into trouble. Some cities allow dispensaries to open cannabis lounges, where patrons can partake of their purchases around like-minded folks. Still, you would be wise to secure 420-friendly housing for your weed-cation, so you don’t have to wait for lounge hours to get high. Some hotels advertise stoner-friendly rooms, like smoking rooms, while other accommodations cater exclusively to weed-cationers. It is important that you get permission to use on the premises of your accommodations, as you can get in legal trouble for consuming if the landowner doesn’t approve of it. Methods like edibles and oils reduce the likelihood that you could be caught, but it is still best to talk about cannabis policies with your host to avoid all legal concerns during your trip.

Shrink Your Schedule

Many people pack their vacation itineraries with as many activities as possible, but that isn’t the best way to weed-cation. Cannabis helps you relax and unwind, which means both your mind and your body are apt to move slower while you are high. Thus, you will likely linger in certain areas, move more leisurely from place to place and have an overall shorter window during the day to explore. If you are hoping to enjoy weed and a wealth of other attractions on your trip, you might reserve just one day for cannabis consumption and stay sober to manage the rest of your schedule.

Your first weed-cation probably won’t be your last. As long as you respect the laws in your destination — and don’t try to bring and bud home with you — you should have a successful trip.

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