Thoda Bing Thoda Bang : Get Ready To Break A Leg on Stage

The breakout single composed by Aussie/Brit rapper RaOol from his upcoming project entitled ‘Year of the Wolf’s  – “Auto Pilot mein dil udne do‘ coupled with Thoda Bing Thoda Bang‘ featuring bass heavy 808 drums and a saxophone topline is set to bring zyada swag and zyada bang to the dancefloor!


Official Video Of Thoda Bing Thoda Bang


Auto-Pilot mein dil udne do’ with ‘Thoda Bing Thoda Bang’


If urban hip-hop and rap is your cup of tea, then add some interesting flavors to your cup – some extra swag to the platter served since this summer, RaOol is here to help you rock on and that extra oomph to the overall look of the party. In just a matter of 24 hours, it has garnered around 1 million views on YouTube!


UK Born and Australian raised, RaOol is an hip-hop artist, song-writer, lyricist, performer and the first NRI rapper to enter the Indian music industry. RaOol has the industry buzzing with his international sound complimented by his English-Australian accent.


RaOol concert


The song will not only set the party mode on fire, but might as well help you add that extra touch of coherence and plain entertainment on your road trip with the special one in the weekends.


If you’ve had a very tiring day and you want some enthusiasm and have no idea, where to gather it from – you might very well set this in no more than Vol 40 on your laptop and you’d see the difference it makes to the ambiance almost instantaneously.


RaOol is the rapper behind Abhishek Bachchan’s rocking performance in the box office smash hit Housefull 3, the theme song of Star Plus’s flagship show DancePlus and DJ Bravo’s Tum Bin 2. RaOol is also the music-director for the item song ‘Malang’ in the Huma Quereshi starrer ‘Dorbaara’.


RaOol set a storm with his own single Desi Girls Do It Better #DGDIB, featuring Punjabi superstar Jaz Dhami. The single released via T-Series has now amassed a nearly 5 million views on YouTube.


RaOol’s personal number has also been shared in the YouTube description of the song and you certainly do not want to miss the chance to personally communicate with the star rapper! Hurry upon this, guys!!




“It’s easy to say ‘I’m different from the rest’, but I am here to prove it”, says RaOol. “I am here to create a movement, one that I want to create with my fans for the fans, where the young get inspired, and to make history within my generation.”


We certainly want more of RaOol in the nearest arena of future we have at sight!

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