5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss Out In Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas in upcoming holidays? Planning to visit all the happening places in Las Vegas? Well, if not planned yet then also no need to worry as we are here with a guide on the things you dont want to miss out in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is regarded as the Entertainment capital of the world, A place where dreams come true, A place where there is no limit on entertainment. There is no famous musician and band left in the world who hasnt performed in Las Vegas yet. All the biggest concerts of the world are held in Las Vegas.

Coming to tourists, Las Vegas saw over 45 million of tourists in just 1 year (2018). You can now calculate the craze and excitement of Las Vegas among people.

So if you are planning to visit this entertainment capital anytime soon then here are the things you should not miss.

Things to do and Places to Visit in Las Vegas:

  • Visit The Neon Museum:

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is one of those places of Las Vegas which is visited by millions of poeple every year. This museum is famous because it shows the history of las Vegas through neon. The museum is divided under 5 sections and those are: Visitors Center, Neon Boneyard, North Gallery, Public Art and Special Exhibits.

The Neon Boneyard has the collection of some of the most famous things and signs like Liberace, Sahara, Caesars Palace, Stardust, etc.

If you are planning to visit the neon museum then we will advice you to buy the tickets online to avoid last minute hassle.

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  • Visit Rooftop Bars:

Rooftop Bars in Las Vegas

Rooftop bars are the best and the most happening places to visit if you are in Vegas. Rooftop bars are a place with amazing ambiance, view and location and when it comes to bars in vegas then you can just imagine the view you will be getting from a rooftop bar.

Therefore, While youre in Vegas, make sure you spend a night out at one of the many lavish and amazing rooftop bars around the city. Check out this local guide to the best rooftop bars in Vegas.

  • Watch The Bellagio Water Show:

The Bellagio Water Show

If you are visiting boulevard south, las vegas then it is adviced that you should definitely visit the Bellagio Water Show which happens in every 30 minutes everyday. The best part about this show is that it is totally FREE and there is no ticket or other fee involved to watch this show. This show is well choreographed by many musicians. The water dances on the tune of music. There are many songs included on which the water show happens and some of these songs are Viva Las Vegas, Fly Me To The Moon, etc.

The time duration of one show lasts for about 15 minutes.

So, if you are really interested in watching this water show then make sure to visit the place after sunset as it will look more beautiful then.

  • Visiting Casino:

Casinos in Las Vegas

Vegas as we all know is famous for its entertainment lifestyle and shopping streets but apart from all these it is also famous for its world famous casinos.

Gambling in Las Vegas is very different from gambling in some other part of the world and there are many dos and donts which a person should follow when going to any casino in vegas.

Important Note:
It is adviced that if you are winning in a casino game then do not keep on gambling. Instead, just cash out 70% of your winning and keep playing with the remaining 30% so that you do not end up losing all the money.

There are many casinos in vegas which are famous for specific reasons.

  • Visit The Las Vegas Strip:

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the most happening place you can visit in night. This strip is considered to be the best to walk in night specially for tourists because of attractive lightning on hotels, big bill boards with live TV on them, shops alongside and other small attractions.

The best time to visit this strip is only at night. So just put on your shorts and tee, grab your camera and lets go to the las vegas strip. You can even meet some amazing people and friends there.

So, if you are planning to visit Las Vegas any soon then you should definitely not miss any of the above mentioned things and places to visit.

Also, if you think we missed out some important things or places which should have been mentioned here then do let us know by contacting us through our contact us page or write in the comment section.

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