5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming an Expat

You have the financial freedom and have booked your tickets to go and work anywhere. Whether its sitting in big villas on the beach in Bali, or a beach hut in Brazil, the world is your oyster, and all you have to do is pick a destination.

What things should you keep in mind before you leave?

Getting Your Finances Sorted Out

Getting your finances sorted out before you leave is a must-do to avoid bad surprises on the way home, companies like Faris CPA can help you figure out your monetary situation before you move. 

Also making sure your investments ( if you have any) are automated, and you have people to take care of them. If something happens to the market while you are away, people will monitor the situation for you.

Make sure you tell your banks that youre leaving, also get a duplicate card in case of an emergency, it could come in handy. Also, send a list your itinerary to the bank, because they may suspect if your card is being used overseas that its fraudulent activity.

Get your money exchanged to USD, Euros or GBP. These three currencies are accepted in a lot of countries around the world. We can always find a place to exchange currencies, such as banks or money changers. 

Keep some extra cash on you and stash some emergency cash in your bags. This piece of advice is worth remembering because pickpockets frequently target westerners.

Trusting Someone

Trusting someone

Give someone you trust power of attorney, so that they can go and sign our insurance/ bank papers while you are out of the country. This is a relatively fast process, and most people give power of attorney to their sibling, parent, or a close friend.

There are many stories where people have lost their credit cards abroad and had a nightmare with their banks. They were having a hard time getting a replacement card.

The card was also taking a long time to arrive because the bank sent it with a standard mail. Getting mail in some countries can take months and sometimes it doesnt even come, it is lost, and you are waiting for nothing. 

Getting our important documents forwarded

If you are planning a long trip, get your bank to forward their letters to your parents or a close friends house. This will save piles of letters on the floor when you get home. 

Most importantly, people dont see a pile of uncollected mail. This is a great opportunity for thieves in the area because your identity could be stolen while you are working overseas, especially if a couple of bank statements are included in the pile! There is nothing worse than to get home to an empty house and spending weeks putting stuff back how they were again.

Planning the Trip

Planning our trip is sometimes a subject that some people avoid in the mindset of I will see when I get there or I will see where I end up. We get the adventure part but with millions of travelers every year, is it necessary to go and visit things that most people didnt enjoy or miss a great opportunity that was close from where we were staying at?

Read up on the area you are going to by checking out some travel blogs. You may also get in touch with some people who wrote blogs, and ask their honest opinion about underrated parts of the city. This will allow you to live more like a local. Why try to find places when these people are doing it every day?

Go to the Doctor

Going abroad has its risks; people should get vaccinated; as well as, a full physical before leaving. A dental check would also be great. If you are from the USA where health costs are expensive, you could go to get them done at your destination depending on where it is.

Hungary, for example, is a country that has high quality and inexpensive dental surgery for example, so if you need to get some work done on your teeth, maybe you could fly to Hungary to get it done and save money while traveling?


Regardless of where you end up, if you follow our advice, you are going to be able to enjoy where you are, without worrying about whats happening in your country of origin. Some of these actions serve as safeguards, whereas others help you get organized before your trip.

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