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Nepal is one of the otherworldly Himalayan nations on the planet offering various delicate centre and no-nonsense experience exercises for a traveller. It is extraordinary compared to other goal for visitors searching for brave exciting encounters. We have gathered a portion of the real exercises offered in Nepal. A vacationer can encounter distinctive games in Nepal and some of them are specified underneath:


Things to do in Nepal


  • Trekking


Trekking in Nepal has for some time been perceived as a great blend of fantastic view, direct physical test and furthermore an opportunity to encounter the entrancing neighbourhood societies and traditions.

We give full booked in-nation bundles for treks and ascensions in numerous territories of Nepal including the Mount Everest, Khumbu district, the Annapurnas, Rolwaling and Langtang valleys.

With our own particular nearby staff, Kathmandu office and our own particular hardware we can tailor the standard projects to your requirements or even give full bespoke agendas.

We have been running adventurous and mindful treks and trips in Nepal for over 10 years and have broad experience and contacts all through the mountains.


  • Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

Now and again the term Mountaineering and Climbing stay exceptionally befuddling the extent that the meaning of being in the Himalayas is concerned. Despite the fact that the Thesaurus observes them to be equivalent words in the genuine setting, they bear diverse importance with regards to the Himalayas.


  • Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal

Wilderness Rafting implies cruising down a surging stream in an inflatable elastic pontoon or White water and twirling rapids for the fervour of a lifetime. Nepal has earned a notoriety for being extraordinary compared to other goals on the planet for wilderness rafting. Nepal’ thundering waters, originating from the icy masses of the compelling Himalaya, give unmatched rushes to rafting and submerging oneself in the landscape. A rafting trip will undoubtedly be the feature of your stay in the nation.


  • Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Nepal is the best contrasting option to the traditional trekking. The topographical variety extending from mountains to slopes to level land makes Nepal extraordinary compared to other mountain biking occasion goals on the planet. Nepal Mountain Biking is for everybody. Pick the cycling course as indicated by your stamina, wellness level and mastery.


  • Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Nepal is rich in natural life, vegetation and Jungle safari visit, as Nepal is nation of Himalayas more finished it is prevalent for the Jungle and Wild life occasions, the southern marshes of the nation are known as the Terai so; the tropical jungles of the Terai of Nepal safeguard a portion of the best untamed life living space in Asia, Out of the aggregate land territory of Nepal, 16% is involved by national parks, untamed life stores and preservation territories, the Jungle safari on elephant back is a standout amongst the most exciting encounters in Nepal and the Bardia National Park.


  • Paragliding


Paragliding in Nepal mainly in the Annapurna Region and all the more particularly the Pokhara Valley. All things considered, Himalayan district is genuinely awesome and fulfilling background for the enterprise searchers. As a matter of fact, paragliding is an occasional game and best flying seasons in Nepal are: November to February. Also, the greatest months are November and December. Since 1995/96 paragliding was introduced in Nepal.


  • Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Adrenaline addicts have long come to Nepal to encounter the breathtaking and heart-pounding rush of plunging off a suspension connect above stream ravine. In the event that you have the strength it’s definitely something that will remain with you until the end of time.

A definitive excite of a bungee bounce would now be able to be knowledgeable about at Tatopani, Nepal-Tibet outskirt, a three-hour transport ride from Kathmandu, and in the resort city of Pokhara.

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