3 Things You Should Do Before the Painting Crew Comes

Hiring a painting crew for your painting project is a huge time saver. If you have decided to hand off your home interior painting work to a Surepaint professional, it is essential to beware of some things. You can take measures to ensure that the work moves on smoothly to avoid or limit surprises.

Here are some of the things you need to do before the painting crew comes.

Make Sure The Paint is Ready

If you have a painting project coming up, it is vital to ensure you have all the paint ready. This is in terms of color and quantity. Make sure the rollers, cans, and brushes you have are all fully charged and primed. Have you primed them in advance with an all-natural primer? If not, that’s an excellent opportunity to do so.

If you haven’t already, clean the work surfaces you will use to apply the paint. Remove any dust, dirt, or lint from your tools and get your polishing clothes.

Also, move your furniture away from your paint supplies. If you have laminate or hardwood floors, wipe away any dirt or debris on the underside of the flooring. If you have carpeting or area rugs, use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the rugs. Think about the things they’re likely to find during your painting project.

With a painter, there’s a great chance they’ll be knocking on your door to get a quote for work before the work begins.

Check For Possible Damages and Cover Valuables

Since this is a painting project, you should expect some disruptions in your daily schedule. Your painter should be made aware of water damage to any walls.

Use this time to repair damaged items in your home, especially in areas prone to water damage. Your painter should work with you to plan for safe and clean working conditions, especially with dust and paint – dust being a huge concern.

Ask them to prioritize a spot for work that is easily accessible to you, especially if you have young children or pets.

Having items on display could be hazardous for a painter’s work area. To guard against theft, cover precious items like cash, jewelry, or cash cards. A simple plastic bag makes the job easy.

Cover other items, too, like your signature-writing supplies and your digital tablets. If valuables need to be protected, put them in the trunk of your car before the painter arrives.

Packing every last item in your home and locking it up might seem like a good idea to reduce your workload.

However, by the time the painters finish, you’re likely to be locked in a mad scramble, hunting for something as simple as a garden rake. You can save yourself the hassle of moving things back to their respective spots by hiring professional help or asking your family and friends.

Assess The Best Paint Color for Your Home and Project Time

This is especially important for a small project like painting walls at home because color choices matter. While you are assessing the color scheme for your home, be sure to check the vibrance of your walls, as a lighter color may clash with your existing color scheme.

A good painter will schedule enough time for each job, but you can make it easier for them to do this by keeping tabs on the progress on a daily or weekly basis. If you finish painting a room in three hours, you shouldn’t fret if the painter has the weekend to finish.

Let them take their time but give a good job in return, as long as they don’t stretch out the hours for more pay.

Paint is an appealing decorating concept. After all, nothing will instantly brighten up a room like new paint, making a small home look like a new home.

However, those who don’t enjoy dealing with paint jobs and trying to get paint off of books, chairs, and toys will find it challenging to paint a living space. At the same time, those who do enjoy painting and want a good job done will enjoy the instant gratification and sale potential that comes with a painted room.

Are you planning a major interior painting project?

If so, perhaps you should consider hiring a professional paint company to finish the project. Painting is hard work and having a skilled crew complete the job will take your home decorating adventure to the next level.

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